If Your Heart Feels Permanently Bound to Him, Read This

It’s not¬†your fault. And no, there is nothing wrong with you. Love is something that is nearly impossible to control. One day you are strangers, the next he is your everything.

He made you fall in love with everything about him, even the bad things. At first, things were amazing, he loved you like no other man had. He made you believe everything he said and at the time, he probably meant them.

That’s why it hurts so much now. Because you still want all those things he said to come true but for some reason, he changed. It’s completely okay that you still love him and you shouldn’t feel ashamed of that.

Loving someone is a magical thing and loving them even when you shouldn’t just proves what kind of a person you are. You are a girl who knows what she wants, a woman who never gives up, and a woman who loves like no one else.

That is nothing to feel bad about. You will move on when the time is right for you.

You will heal your heart and slowly let him go when your heart is ready. Life may be really hard right now, but it will get better.

One day, you will stop constantly stalking his social media accounts. One day you will stop waking up hoping you have a text from him. One day you won’t think about him, which also might be a sad day, but it will come.

It might be a sad day because you will finally realize that you have to let go of the one person you thought you’d be with forever. And that is completely okay. But after that day, life will get so much brighter.

You will work more on yourself. You will fall in love with your life.

And eventually, you will find the man you will never have to fall out of love with. Eventually, you will find the man who will never leave you and who will appreciate who you are and what he has.

Eventually, you will learn from this heartbreak.

But right now, it is okay to still love him, remember that.

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