If You’re The Girl Living With Endometriosis, Read This

It’s an everyday battle against fatigue, weight gain, and the worst of all pain.

It is something that affects every part of your life constantly, and that in itself can be really hard to deal with.

Some days are good. But for half a month every month, the pain is excruciating. You live your life wondering if this birth control will help more than another one.

Or if getting surgery will help you for a longer period of time. The saddest part of it all, though, is you will most likely have to deal with it forever.

Until you decide you want to take out all your girl parts down there, which in itself is a very scary realization because even then they can’t guarantee that you will stop having pain.

It’s hard because it can affect whether you can get pregnant, especially if you get cysts on your ovaries.

It’s hard because you feel like no one understands the pain you go through on a daily basis.

You try to explain how endometriosis is a condition where the lining of the uterus doesn’t fully expel from your body every month like it should. And it then gets stuck on other parts of your body causing terrible pain.

But again, that’s hard to say over and over. Because you always get the, “can’t doctors fix that? question.

Endometriosis sucks because it’s hard to try and lose weight, and sometimes it makes you feel so tired for absolutely no reason. Which kills you on the inside because you are not a lazy person.

You wish you could explain easily what it is like to live with endometriosis, but it’s hard when others don’t have it.

But just remember you are not alone. There are a ton of women out there who can relate to you. Who you can confide in and who understand, 1 in every 10 women to be exact.

It could be worse. And if you can remember that, you will get through the bad days.

You will get over the fact that you can’t control how your body looks and feels sometimes, but that’s okay.

Because no matter what, you have people who love you. And you also have people dealing with the same thing you are. You just have to go out there and find them.

Endometriosis is not fun. It is painful.

It makes your emotions a mess and it stresses you out about the future. Especially, if you want kids…

But just know, you are surviving. You are pushing through this chronic illness every day and you are an amazing example.

You show everyone that no matter their health problems they can get through them and that is something to be proud of.

You try your best every day and that is all you can ask for. So be proud of yourself and remember to always keep moving forward.

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5 thoughts on “If You’re The Girl Living With Endometriosis, Read This

  1. I have Endometriosis and had a son a little over a year ago. I am so thankful that despite the extent of my disease, I was able to conceive. To be honest, I conceived twice, once before my son, and have often wondered if the miscarriage was due to endometriosis.

    1. I am so happy to hear you have an amazing addition to your life! I am hoping that when I decide to have a baby I won’t have any complications. But you bring up such an interesting point about miscarriages. And I am so sorry for your loss Courtney…. but it would be interesting to know if that was a reason some women did have miscarriages!

  2. I was told for years I was not going to be able to conceive found a Dr who stood by me he scraped out all he could within 6 months I was pregnant had a beautiful little girl he was not able to get it all because it had already attached to every thing it could get a hold of4 years later ended up having a hysterectomy which was 6 weeks ago and while in recovery I already had relief there is no guarantee it is gone forever but for now I feel like a totally different person this demon robbed me off my life for so long and will continue because of the fear it has left behind but I was very blessed to be able to carry my daughter I pray for all the women out there suffering no one will ever understand what we live with unless they have been through it and yes I feel it can cause miscarriages I had one to

  3. What if your Endometriosis is caused by things that you eat, or don’t eat ?

    Here are some questions to ask your doctor about Endometriosis:

    * What causes it ?
    * How will looking at it and scraping it help me get better ?
    * What can I do to stop it recurring ?
    * Could my illness be caused by things that I eat, or don’t eat ?
    * What can I change about my diet and lifestyle to help my body repair itself ?

    Maybe search for BANT and interview 10 local Nutritional Therapists who have had success advising about Endometriosis before choosing which one to work with

    Here are 3 well-proven natural ways to reduce the Inflammation that causes the pain of Endometriosis

    * Increase your Vitamin D
    * Increase your Omega-3
    * Reduce your Omega-6

    Search for more about Endometriosis here:


    Some people have reported that eating specific foods like meat or dairy gives them an instant flare-up

    Which foods make your Endometriosis worse and which help ?


  4. I just had surgery Monday where they finally diagnosed me as having Endometriosis. After years of pain and being told I am crazy, I finally have an answer. I am not sure where I am at yet about being able to have children. I know 2 out of my 3 aunts, with endo, were not able to conceive. I know my sister, and my cousin both lost a child early in their pregnancies. So I do not know where that leaves me. I know everyone is different. Your post really spoke to me and I enjoyed reading it! I cannot wait to read some more of your articles.

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