The Daily Struggles Women With Endometriosis Battle, But Overcome

It’s hard to describe the pain we go through on a daily basis, other than, we eventually just get used to hurting all of the time. We work through the pain in hopes that one day it will be better.

We have surgeries, shots, medication, birth control all to try and ease the pain. Yet, we know it will always be there and we survive.

We never give up hope and we keep on living our lives. We do everything we can to have children and be great parents.

We work hard at work so we can provide for our family or future family. We never let people see our pain, and that is why so many people don’t know about endometriosis.

They don’t know because women suffering from endometriosis are so strong they try to keep it secret. But just because we try to keep it a secret doesn’t mean we aren’t hurting.

It is hard for us to go to work some days because our body is screaming at us. It is stabbing us from the inside out, and we aren’t even in “our time of the month”.

It’s difficult to eat, go to the bathroom, or just do daily routine things because it hurts.

Who would have thought that being a girl would come with even more difficulties?

It’s so hard sometimes to look in the mirror because we just don’t understand, why us?

Why do I have to worry about having a child at a young age because I might not be able to when I’m older?

Why do I have to think about whether I should get surgery again, or if I am just having a bad flare up?

Why do I have to worry about this disease affecting my love life, and whether I am going to find a man who understands or thinks I’m just a crybaby?

We ask ourselves these questions on a daily basis… But we forget to ask ourselves, what can I do to help?

When we ask ourselves that question we start to realize how blessed we are.

Some of us have been able to start and conceive an amazing family all on our own. Others of us have been able to do it by IVF, surrogate or even adoption.

We have never let this disease define what we can and can not do. We have helped others who are struggling with being diagnosed and we have been there for others who are hurting.

We have stayed optimistic and tried to put our pain on the back burner because we know we only have one life.

We understand that one day our time will be up, and the pain won’t matter anymore. All that will matter is what we did to get through it.

The people who were by our side helping us, making sure we were okay.

The people we chose to spend the rest of our lives with to love and make memories with.

All we will remember is the life we lived, not the moments we couldn’t get out of bed and that’s what keeps us going.

Because we know that no matter what this pain does to us, we will get through it.

And we will become stronger because of it.

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