What Women With Endometriosis Want You To Know

It’s not a period disease. It is not caused by having sex, not having sex, or whatever else people think it might be caused from.

It is a chronic disease that occurs 24/7 and doesn’t just affect a woman’s uterus.

To make it simple; The definition of endometriosis is when tissue lining, (from a woman’s uterus) is not expelled properly, (during their period)  and ends up attaching to other parts of their body, (intestines, stomach, fallopian tubes, ovaries) anything it can float to it can attach to.

This problem then causes extreme amounts of pain because the tissue still thinks it is trying to make a baby, even after a period has happened.

Imagine it like you had someone stabbing you from the inside out but not just from your stomach. Sometimes it affects your back, legs, and upper abdomen. The worst part though is there is no solid cure for endometriosis.

Women who suffer from it have a few options, though. They can either try a very strict diet that does help with pain, cramps, fatigue and weight gain, (just some of the symptoms of endo) but never cures it.

They can try different birth controls to help control their hormones, (which still never really helps much).

They can get a Laparoscopy surgery that only gets rid of the endometriosis growing, so it will most likely come back if they still have a period, want a baby, or still, have all their women parts.

The final option they have is getting a hysterectomy but there are no promises of that solving the problem if the doctors are unable to find all the endometriosis because it will still grow and still cause pain.

As you see here, there aren’t that many options for women who have endometriosis to live a pain-free life. But they also have to deal with all the side effects, some of which were mentioned above.

Women who suffer from endo have to give up a lot because sometimes they are unable to have children of their own.

Sometimes they miss out on life because they can’t get out of bed.

Most struggle with weight gain which in turn affects how they view themselves.

But what you need to know is that these women are beautiful. They struggle every day because they know people love them and they know they are here for a reason.

They keep this diagnoses a secret because as you see, it is hard to explain, but they also don’t want or need a pity party.

They know shit happens in life. They understand that the world isn’t fair and if they want something they have to work hard for it, and maybe even harder than most people.

But they get up every day and do it. They are the strongest women you will ever meet and they will teach you the meaning of perseverance.

Just remember, though, that this illness is real. It is not something made up, and just because you can’t see it or the women who have it don’t show you their pain, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

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