You Might Still Love Him, But You Know You Shouldn’t Anymore

You spend so much of your time giving your all to this person that it’s hard to let go now. It’s hard because you saw a forever with them.

Loving someone takes effort. It takes time and dedication, so your love for someone doesn’t just go away.

You imagined everything together. But maybe that was because you just didn’t want to start over.

Because you were comfortable instead of truly happy. But right now it’s hard because you still love him. He was there through some of the hardest times of your life.

But let’s be honest, he wasn’t actually always there.

Now that he is gone all you seem to be able to focus on is the good that was in your relationship. You seem to forget about all the pain he put you through.

He made you cry yourself to sleep more than you can remember. He put you down in every way possible and made you too dependent on his wants.

It’s hard right now because you’re still in love with him, but he doesn’t deserve your love.

Things broke down because he wasn’t being the man you deserved. Your relationship ended because you started to stand up for yourself.

Do you remember how you started to argue more because you were waking up and his “charm” started to wear off?

You told him that he was being too controlling, too needy, too everything? You started to stand up for yourself because deep down you knew what you deserved in a man and in a relationship.

Women stay in relationships longer than they should, because they don’t give up on love. But what you realized is that some love isn’t worth it.

If he deserved you, he would have treated you like the princess you are and would have never left.

He would have treated you with respect and he would still be sleeping next to you.

You may still love him, but you know he doesn’t deserve it.

One day you will move on and find someone who does deserve your love and all this pain will have been worth it.

So please, don’t give in and go back to the man who doesn’t deserve you and takes you for granted.

You would only be taking away your time to be with the person who really loves you.

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