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Hi, everyone! I have decided that I am now going to do merchandise for my quotes in articles I write. I will be customizing pretty much anything you can imagine and even taking personal requests.

I have always been an artsy type but never knew exactly what I could sell that would be something other than a book, (I will get there soon). So since my writing has taken off and have received requests about quote artwork I decided, why not?

I currently have opened and Etsy for my material and have one thing for sale! If you would like anything please feel free to reach out to me on my facebook page or through email and I would love to make something personal from you!

I am so happy my words are having an impact on people and if you are wanting to see them a little more I’d be honored to make you something. Also, FREE shipping for those of you who live in the United States!

Here is my store link! and the picture above is my first thing for sale!

Hope you enjoy <3

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