This is How to Love The Girl Who Has Only Known Heartbreak

She is guarded, she doesn’t like opening up. Every relationship she’s ever had broke her heart; so how can you blame her?

She doesn’t plan on someone changing her mind anytime soon.

There is a certain and exact way you need to show her love.

You need to respect her. Respect that she is skeptical of anyone really loving her.

Respect that she is worried about opening up and letting herself love again.

Understand that she is one of the most loving people you will ever meet. But, she is over falling in love with guys who only plan on leaving and breaking her again.

If you are NOT interested in being with her for the long run, give up, now. Leave her alone, and move on to someone who is looking for a good time… not a long time.

She deserves the best. She doesn’t deserve heartbreak anymore. She deserves a man who sees her beauty through all of her walls and scars.

She deserves a man who is falling for her and knows he will love her for a long time.

She deserves someone who will work with her and empathize with all the pain she has gone through.

And if you can do this, you will win over a girl who will be the best woman you could ever imagine having.

You will learn why every man who broke her heart tried to come back.

You will learn about how beautiful and optimistic she is when she trusts someone and opens up.

You will learn why she is one of the best women to love because she knows how to love you back.

Loving a girl who has only known heartbreak can be hard, but it also can be one of the most rewarding love you could ask for.

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