Read This When Living With Endometriosis Starts to Feel Overwhelming

It’s a daily struggle sometimes just to get out of bed, let alone be productive. Everything hurts, you’re tired and you just wish there was a cure for your pain.

You wake up evaluating how you look and wondering if you’ll be able to survive in slacks or jeans for a whole day because sometimes your endo belly comes out to ruin it.

But you are strong and you finally know what is wrong.

There was a time when the pain was so crippling and every doctor had no idea what was wrong with you. It drove you crazy but now you have answers.

And even though most of the time there are still questions at least you know that your pain is real.

You know that all the doctors and people who called you a liar, or at least insinuated it, were wrong and, to an extent, that is very comforting.

Yes, you still have days where all you do is stay in bed and cry because the pain is so bad. But you also have a doctor you can call who will help you right away.

Whether that means pain pills, new birth control, or surgery at least you have someone who tries.

Endometriosis wears you down physically and some days mentally but you never let it control you. You are strong for a reason and that is because every day you wake up through the pain and you never let it define your happiness.

People don’t know about endometriosis because women like you are so strong people can’t tell that you’re in pain unless you tell them.

When you are having a hard day just remember how beautiful and strong you are. Remember all the obstacles you have overcome even with this illness and remember to never give up.

Knowledge equals answers and the more you ask questions the more people will eventually find your answers.

One day endometriosis won’t be a life debilitating disease, one day because of you, and every other 1 out of 10 women who have it, there will be a cure.

So keep your head held high. Keep working your ass off for the things you want and keep working through the pain.

Because you deserve to be happy and you don’t deserve this disease.

If there is one thing you have learned from endo it is that people complain about a lot of stupid crap and at least you aren’t one of them.

Because you know what pain is. You know what struggling every day to not feel like dying is and complaining about how you can’t afford a vacation is the last thing you are worried about.

You are grounded and honest. You live life to your fullest potential and you don’t worry much about the materialist things because you personally know life is too short.

So remember, when you are feeling down and overwhelmed by the problems endometriosis is causing you, look forward.

Look forward to the things you want, the people you love, and the obstacles you have overcome because you are a part of the strongest 10 percent of women out there.

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