To The Guy Who Pretended to Love Me, This is My Farewell to You

It’s crazy to think that you can fall in love with someone and they can pretend they fell in love with you too.

It’s also crazy that you can defend a person’s actions who hurts you over and over again because you love them and think that they love you…

But love is a fickle thing and you sure used that to your advantage. You didn’t need to pretend to love me.

You didn’t need to hold me like you did or kiss me like you cared because you didn’t.

You didn’t need to make me fall in love with you to make yourself feel validated as a man, but you did it anyway.

I still have a lot of unanswered questions, and I wish I could face you so I could make you feel a little bit of the pain you put me through… But life seems to be doing that for me.

When you love a person you can’t just walk away. It is physically impossible if you really love them.

So, don’t try to say or think that you ever loved me, because if you had you wouldn’t have left the way you did.

It wasn’t like you just disappeared. You called me every name in the book, slandered my character and portrayed me as this evil person.

Which was confusing since you were using and manipulating me, not the other way around?

I did everything for you but that aside, I actually loved you.

But to you, I was just another “hit” on your hit list.

It’s funny, It’s been a long time since we have said a word to each other. But I always wonder how you feel about yourself.

Did pretending to love girls really make you feel better? Did it really help your self-esteem or your self-worth?

In my opinion, it didn’t. You still seem to be the sad, confused and selfish boy I had met a long time ago so I guess I’ll always be left wondering… What was in it for you?

Was breaking my heart and others funny, exciting or were you just incapable or actually being vulnerable?

Was pretending to love me while taking all the love I gave you worth it?

Because even though you broke my heart, I’ve moved on. I’ve grown into a woman who knows her worth.

A woman who works hard every day to better herself and love all of her accomplishments and scars. A woman who will never have to worry about a man like you again.

I wish I could say I feel bad for you and how your life is just kind of… stuck. But I don’t. I don’t feel bad one bit.

Because what goes around comes around. And I am happy to see that when bad things happen to good people the bad people who do those bad things don’t go unaffected.

I’m finally free of your negativity and I am so happy that I’m no longer under your spell.

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