To the Girls Who Can’t Wait to be Someone’s Forever

As a young woman, you get to thinking a lot about your future and the hope that you find someone to spend it with.

Maybe you think about it more than normal because all you ever see now are people getting engaged and having babies.

You know it’s because of your age and some people are just in a hurry to get their lives started. But it’s hard to see every day.

You want to enjoy your youth but at the same time, you can’t wait to be engaged, married and have a family.

But what’s so wrong with that? What is wrong with knowing that you want to have these things and that you can’t wait to be someone’s forever.

You look forward to the day you get to look someone in the eyes and see your future in their arms.

You look forward to knowing that one day you will get to have little people running around that will be half of you and half of the person you love more than anything.

You look forward to one day growing old with the person who looks at you like the first time they met you. And are as in love with you, if not more, than the day they said, “I do.”

You can’t wait to find the person who finally loves you as much as you love them and you know one day they will walk into your life and never walk out.

It’s hard to look past heartbreak, but deep down you know everytime someone crushes you it is because they are not the one.

Your future forever will never leave you crying yourself to sleep, in pain, knowing they don’t love you.

Your future forever will love every piece of you, and though it won’t be perfect, there love will be perfect for you.

One day everything will work out the way it is supposed to, but try not to rush it.

Don’t rush into something just because you are ready to be loved. Don’t settle for something subpar just because you feel like you’re getting “too old”.

Promise yourself you will wait for the best, because they are waiting for you.

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