Remember, He’s Not The Only One You’ll Fall in Love With

It’s hard to think about right now, but one day he won’t even cross your mind.

One day you will be so focused on yourself, that you’ll meet a completely different person, who will go over and beyond any “dream man” stereotype you could have imagined.

Heartbreak is hard. It is something that lingers in you and makes you feel pain worse than any physical pain you have ever felt.

It reminds you that you are human and even though you may love someone with everything in you, they may not feel the same.

Relationships are even scarier after heartbreaks because everyone knows they don’t want to feel that pain again. Especially, if it ends up being worse than the first…. and we all know it always does.

But you keep getting into relationships because you have hope in love. You have hope that one day you will find your person.

That one day all the heartbreaks you ever have gone through will be worth it, and they will be. But just know you won’t fully forget them, and that’s okay.

Every person you’ve loved is a part of you. They gave you good memories and bad ones, but they helped shape who you are.

They made you strong and they made you respect love more than you thought possible. They broke your heart to help you rebuild it, so you could eventually find the right person.

The most important thing you need to remember though is that where there comes heartbreak, there comes even better love.

And even though right now you may feel like giving up, or that you will never love again… You will. And it will be even better than the last.

Everything in your life happens for a reason, even this heartbreak. And you may not see the reason for it now, but one day you will.

So keep climbing your mountain. And promise yourself that you will do everything in your power to live the life you have always wanted to live.

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