You Didn’t Really Love Me You Just Didn’t Want Me Finding Someone Else

When you say you love someone they usually believe you. People normally believe when you love someone you do everything in your power not to hurt them. But that wasn’t the case for you.

You just pretended to love me because you liked the attention.

You liked knowing that you had a faithful girl who sadly could be taken advantage of.

You liked knowing that whenever your other girls weren’t around, you had someone to rely on.

You liked the fact that you had me all to yourself and you didn’t want that to change.

Even though you did not love me.

I don’t exactly know how I got under your spell but that part doesn’t really matter. Because it happened and I have to deal with it.

I have to deal with the scars and all the pain you’ve caused me because I was young and naive.

I was so in love with you I forgot that love is a two-way street.

I was so blinded by the fact that I wanted you to only want me… That I didn’t realize you shouldn’t have to fight for the attention of someone who loves you.

I was dumb, but I was in love. I loved how you were so free.

Even though that came back to bite me.

I loved how you were honest and I was too attached to you to listen.

But I should have known that your honesty only came into play when it suited you.

Like when you said you didn’t know if you could make it official because you just weren’t ready to commit.

Or when you went MIA for weeks at a time and I was almost over you, you come back acting like I was your whole world.

The game you put me through killed me… Because I truly loved you.

It wasn’t a game to me. 

Finding out you were with other women, wasn’t a game to me.

Trying to move on from you wasn’t a game to me.

And it was hard when you came back every time claiming you loved me when you didn’t.

You broke my heart multiple times because you didn’t know how to commit and you knew you would be missing something if you lost me.

But that wasn’t my fault. It wasn’t my fault that you couldn’t really love me and I didn’t deserve how you dragged me through the mud.

I didn’t deserve to be your backup plan when you were always my number one priority.

It hurt and it hurt for a long time. But what hurt the most was you were so selfish that you couldn’t just let me be happy.

You had to ruin every relationship I tried to have after you, and then claim it was my fault when they ended.

You just couldn’t handle someone else having me…

Well, you should have thought about that sooner!

I am so happy I figured out that I didn’t need someone like you.

But I am 10 times happier that I found a man who would never put me through the terrible game you did.

And I hope every time you stalk me on social media your heart breaks because now you know you lost the girl who would have done anything for you.

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