Date The Guy Who Challenges You, Even If He Drives You Crazy Sometimes

Parallels between two people can be comforting, you can find peace in being able to agree on the little things. To find a guy who wants to spend each day as you do, who validates your every thought, who supports you because he has the same views is what every girl seems to want.

But what it really is at the foundation of it, is a cozy feeling easily confused with love.

Because love isn’t simple. Love isn’t meeting someone only to live happily ever after and drive away on a paved road.

It’s growing with another person in ways you didn’t know possible, it’s speed bumps along the way that shake things up only to make you both stronger.

Love is challenging one another because you love the other enough to shape them in small ways into a better person. 

Let’s be real, you can’t find that kind of love in a relationship with your personality twin.

Date the guy who makes every day interesting. Who suggests things that you would never in a million years dream of doing.

The guy who pulls you out of your comfort zone a little bit each day, only to show you that you’re safe with him by your side.

Date the guy who pushes your buttons. Who makes you get up off the couch when all you want to do is lay around and watch Netflix.

Date the guys whose beliefs are so far from yours, that you want to pull your hair out 90% of the time. The guy who is the other half of your argument.

The guy who allows you to see the big picture because you both see your own sides so clearly.

Don’t date the guy who nods his head and laughs at everything you say. Date the guy who calls you on your BS and puts you in your place when need be.

The guy who isn’t  afraid to tell you exactly what he’s thinking when he’s thinking it because it’ll only help shape you into a better person in the long run.

With this guy, you will constantly be learning. He’ll open your eyes to even the smallest things. Suddenly you’ll find yourself sleeping with the TV on because that’s how he likes it, and you find yourself kind of liking it too.

And sleeping with the fan on might have been a struggle at first, but he’s learned to love it.

It’s so much more than a compromise. It’s loving each other enough to learn to love the other’s ideas, thoughts, and flaws.  

You will never go a day without smiling because life is so much better with him. You’ll never be bored or question if this is who you really want to spend forever with because with him it’ll just feel right.

That doesn’t mean it’ll be easy, but that’s what makes it right. You might butt heads, you might stay up fighting till 3 am, you might even have debates that never seem to end, but that’s the beauty of it… the passion, the intensity of your love.

It’s the bond between you that strengthens with each day and builds your relationship to last.

And even though sometimes he makes you want to literally punch yourself in the throat, you love him with your entire heart and nothing in this world could change that.  

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