To The Guy Who Was Always The Heart Breaker, I Guess I Was Your Karma

You had to have realized that one day it was going to catch up to you. One day you’d have to face the music and realize how shitty of a person you’d been to so many girls in your past. And it did… with me.

I didn’t go into our relationship knowing I was going to break your heart, but I did know your reputation. I mean who didn’t?

Every single one of my friends warned me about you. How you were known for making girls fall for you while you had zero intention of catching them.

So yeah, it’d be safe to say I went into this with my guard held high and my head held even higher.

It took you forever to get me to pay attention to you, do you blame me? I wasn’t going to be another girl you played games with.

Maybe you were so interested because I was the one girl who wanted nothing to do with you, the first girl who actually made you try.

But soon enough, I gave in to your charm and the amount of time you were putting in to get my attention.

You seemed to really like me and hey, I’m all about giving someone a chance if they prove they deserve one.

It was a fun time while it lasted, but deep down I just knew it wasn’t going to work out. These types of things with guys like you never do.

Maybe I was a little too distant, maybe I made one too many assumptions about how things would end, but maybe, just maybe, I was right.

Maybe you would’ve just ended up breaking my heart just like all the other girls. So I did what I had to, for myself, and honestly, I think I benefited you in the long run.

You’ve never been broken up with. That’s huge to me. I think before a person is completely emotionally developed, they should have had to go through a really heart-wrenching, in-pieces-on-the-bathroom-floor breakup.

And you’ve always been the one to do the breaking, every single time.  It felt like we were in entirely different worlds sometimes.

You didn’t know the pain of a real heartbreak, you didn’t understand how long it takes your soul to get over someone you truly care about.

And sorry, but I chalk that up to you not ever having true feelings for someone.

I’m not saying I wanted to be that person for you, I never in a million years would’ve thought I’d be your ‘karma.’ But I couldn’t subject myself to that, knowing I could be left in pieces.

Truthfully, I think we were brought into each other’s lives for a reason.

You needed to wake up and feel that pain you had caused so many others before me. You needed to realize that just going around breaking girls hearts is wrong and terrible.

You needed to have this happen to you.

I’m just sorry it had to be me. I’m sorry you loved me and I didn’t return the feelings, but everyone goes through heartbreak. And what comes around goes around, right?

And you needed to realize you weren’t immune to heartbreak.

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