To The Guy Who Didn’t Have The Balls To Break Up With Me, Screw You

You could have just told me things weren’t “working out”. You could have done so many other things but no, you decided the worst route of them all.

To make me miserable and make me have to deal with it for way too long.

Dude, I loved you. If you didn’t love me anymore it would have been much easier if you had just left. Or you know, maybe said you didn’t love me anymore?

You literally dragged me through the dirt until I was just going insane and over it. How can you treat someone you used to love like that?

It was a nightmare I couldn’t get out of. One that included you talking to other people while saying you still loved me.

Even though now I realized the “I still love you” part was a huge ass lie…. What was the point?

Are you that much of a baby to where you couldn’t be man enough to break it off? I just don’t get how you could be so much of a jerk and think that it was okay. Especially, to someone who you knew still loved you? It’s like I was living in a reoccurring nightmare.

One minute you loved me, the next you were sneaking around talking to other girls and leaving it for me to see… On purpose!

That’s just evil, you’re just evil.

But I’m so happy you’re gone. I’m so happy everyone time someone asks me why we broke up I can go into detail about how terrible of a person you are.

I’m so happy I was able to come to this decision to break-up with you, even though you wanted me to, because it helped me understand how bad and cruel of a person you were.

Sure, it broke my heart having to give up on our relationship, but by that time, it was such a relief to get you the hell out of my life.

We had some good times but now looking back at it, I was so dumb for even dating you. You weren’t ready to commit, you had the mindset of an 8-year-old, and you were still way too obsessed with high school drama.

It’s like a breath of fresh air I never knew I was missing. Even though you were a dick, who did everything in his power to make me break up with him, I’m proud of myself.

I’m proud because I kept trying to make things work because I loved you and was invested. I tried to fix our problems when obviously they couldn’t have been fixed but I still tried.

I did my best to work on being better but the main point is, at least I know I can be dedicated to a person. And one day that right person will come along and I will never have to fight for him because he will love me just as much as I love him.

So screw you and your stupid break up method, but thanks for giving me the opportunity to realize you were not the guy I wanted.

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