She Wasn’t Stupid, She Just Thought You’d Change For Her

It starts out the same way every time she meet’s a guy. There is just something about him that makes her heart skip a bit. She gets to know him and good or bad, she thinks to herself, “maybe I can really help him. Maybe I can be the girl he changes for.” And every time she ends up heartbroken. It’s not that she’s stupid, she just really thought that he would change for her.

And you can’t blame her for at least thinking she could. You were so different with her, even you know that there was something special. And deep down you really hoped she might be able to change you too. It wasn’t just games when you met her.

Her smile, eyes, and mind were just a breath of fresh air. But instead of wanting to change you hoped that she would make you. You thought maybe this is the girl who will make me want to be a man, a man she deserves.

But that’s not how it works, you know it, and now she realizes that too. Just don’t think for a second that she was stupid because she believed in you. Don’t think that this is all her fault and because she couldn’t accept how you wanted to treat her and who you wanted to be. You knew what you were doing was wrong and her pushing you and wanting you to be a better person was never a bad thing.

You may have loved her but she truly loved you. She decided to look past her smart mind telling her, “You know he’s not going to change. Are you really ready for that?” But she listened to her heart and that’s what makes her different.

She’s a woman with compassion and forgiveness. Someone who understands people’s past and never holds it against them, she was someone you could have seen yourself with for a long time. But instead of maning up, you thought taking her on a ride was your best option. Instead of being honest about where you were in life and how you weren’t ready for that kind of commitment you broke her heart.

Over and over again, because hey, you were young and she was stupid for staying, right? But the thing was, she wasn’t stupid. She was just a girl in love with a guy she knew could change. She was just caring and loving towards a boy who needed it. A girl who was risking her heart being ripped to pieces because she believed you were worth it.

But in the end, you showed your true colors, and it hurt. It killed her inside because she knew one-day you might come back. One day you might end up being the person she knew you could always be and she didn’t know what would be worse. The heartache you had caused her now or the heartache you would probably cause in the future.

She just couldn’t understand why you couldn’t be that man for her now, the man you’ve always been destined to be. But it taught her a few lessons, that love is fickle. And sometimes you find the right person but they end up not being ready or it ends up being the wrong time. And sometimes that hurts more than the heartbreak itself.

Because moving on from a love like yours isn’t easy… And it’ll be even harder when you come back and say, “now I’m ready” and she has to end up telling you it’s too late.

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