She’s Over Being Your Second Choice

She is not a second choice, and now you’re the one left in the dirt, like you left her, so many times before. But the truth is, you already knew this might happen. You know that you put her second in every situation possible. Friends, work, beer, and so many other things came before her.


And for some reason, you didn’t understand that she could only take that treatment for so long. Treating people badly only gets you so far. Abusing the fact that you have a good girl eventually catches up to you, and here is the start.

She left you and she isn’t coming back. Everyone always says you don’t realize what you have until it’s gone, but that’s unacceptable. It’s unacceptable that people think they can treat the people they care about like crap, and if they leave, they can always win them back. This isn’t true.

You don’t get your cake and get to eat it too. No one is allowed to treat someone the way you’ve treated her and hopefully, her finally standing up for herself teaches you that.

Someone who never makes you a second choice should always be a priority. Life is hard and really crappy at times but if someone loves you and you love them they should always put you first! Not second like you put her.

So, here’s to the girl who decided she had enough of your crap. Here’s to the woman who stood up for herself and realized what she truly deserved. Leaving you was hard, not because you were a good person, But because she loved you.

She loved you so much she put up with you for far too long, but now she’s gone and the only thing she’s regretting is that she didn’t leave you sooner.

Maybe after this, you’ll figure out how to treat a woman right. And if that happens at least she helped you improve your life in some way. But just know she left because she’s done.

She’s done with you, done with your games and over how you treated her. So, don’t expect another chance. Just understand you missed out on an outstanding woman, who one day, you’ll see being treated better by a man much better than you.

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