He Always Made Her His Second Choice, So She Stopped Making Him Her First

He tricked her in the beginning. She thought he was this great guy who knew what he wanted and knew exactly what to say because he really cared for her. But that was a lie. A lie she’d soon find out to be one of the worst ones she’d ever heard.

He was the type of guy who didn’t know what he had. The guy who had this beautiful, kind, and loving girl, head over heels for him, and he still didn’t seem to care. A boy who thought he was too cool to be committed. One who believed he deserved every girl out there. But once he stopped being the guy she thought he was, she figured out pretty quickly that being his second choice wasn’t going to fly. Especially, because he was always her first.

It wasn’t a game to her like it was to him. She thought she was falling for a man who cared about her feelings and truly wanted to be with her. Not a boy who couldn’t decide what was more important, her or every other thing in his life.

Being in a relationship that turned out to be a joke, killed her. It tore her up inside knowing she gave someone, like him, a chance. A guy she normally would be able to call out, any day of the week, as being a player or a child. But he somehow slipped through the cracks.

This relationship to her meant everything in the beginning, and even though she felt like a fool, she knew that love wasn’t something to be ashamed of. She loved him, and even though he ended up not loving her back she learned a valuable lesson.

Never let yourself fall for a guy who stops putting you first. Make sure the person you’re with has the intention of being with you for a long time. Because commitment should be your biggest goal, and if someone doesn’t want commitment they don’t want you.

And even though this guy broke her, she became so much stronger. She learned so much. Grew into a stronger and better woman and learned exactly what she wanted and expected in a relationship.

And one day, he will come back and realize he lost a diamond. He’ll wake up and miss all the effort she put in to make him feel wanted. But she will be so far over him, that when he sends the, “I miss you” text she will laugh and delete it.

She understands the difference between someone who cares and someone who acts like they do. And she learned that the effort you put into someone else should be reciprocated in every way. Because without being the first choice in every relationship, you are choosing to settle for a man who doesn’t truly love you.

And that is not fair to any strong and beautiful woman.

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