You Must Be Joking To Think She’d Take You Back

It’s ironic how you now want her back. It’s like you’re playing a sad joke on yourself. Thinking that the result you’re going to get is different than what is actually going to happen. She isn’t going to take you back, and yes, she might even laugh in your face because to be honest, you deserve it.

You were a terrible guy to her. You used her when you wanted her and left her just as fast. It’s like you thought this good girl would never leave you, or figure out that she deserved better. So, that’s probably why it’s so funny to her, now that you’re trying to get her back.

Do you not remember the way you treated her? The way you acted like she meant nothing. Or how you wanted her there whenever you wanted… But if she needed you, you were no where to be found. It was like you were all about her wanting you, but you wanted nothing to do with wanting her. It was a one-way street, that for some reason, you thought was going to keep on going forever.

You can’t treat someone like her like crap and expect her to stay with you forever. She was different, the kind of girl that any guy would love to have. And when she was with you they wished she was with them. But you didn’t care. All you cared about was that you had her under your spell. The spell that made her think you would change, because you had so much potential.

But you didn’t and she realized that. But just because you were immature and not ready to love someone doesn’t mean now she is going to forgive you. Just because you think you have changed, doesn’t mean you really have.

You caused her so much pain. You threw her away like she was trash and played with her emotions like she was a toy. She had feelings, she had a heart and she didn’t want to  have it broken by someone who didn’t care about her. And yet, you were the one who broke it.

So even though you think now she should take you back and believe your “I’m sorry’s” do you blame her? Do you blame her for laughing at you and not wanting anything to do with you? Because if it was reversed, and she did to you what you did to her, you would do the same thing.

It’s not fair that you think you can come back into someones life that you destroyed. It’s not fair that you are so selfish that you thought coming back to her was even acceptable. But now you are the one who is being laughed at. You now finally will realize what it is like to not be treated the way you wanted to and maybe it will wake you up.

Maybe it will make you realize how you have treated others who cared for you. Women who really wanted to be your “one”. And maybe that will help you change the way you treat women, especially those who could be more than just a girlfriend.

So, even though the jokes one you… Here’s to hoping you learn from your mistake with her and never do it again with another.

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