You Go Around Breaking Girls Heart’s Like They Don’t Have Feelings

Someone must have not taught you that playing with people’s hearts is a terrible thing to do. You can completely change a person by how you break them. And you sure have changed a lot of kind-hearted women.

It’s not fair that you’re going around stealing girls hearts, without any consequences. They having feelings. They feel pain and happiness, sadness and love. But you’re only worried about how many you can make fall for you with no intentions of catching them.

The talent you possess for making girls fall for you is uncanny, and sadly you know that. You know exactly what they want to hear, how they like flowers and “you’re beautiful” texts. Or how they like being reminded about how you feel and think about them. The crazy part is, you don’t have to really mean it to say all of those things. It’s a sick game you keep playing because it’s a rush knowing someone cares for you so much.

It’s great having girls willing to do whatever it takes for you to spend time with them. But we all know you’re broken. These games you’re playing aren’t fooling anyone. And one day it will come back to bite you in the ass. You can’t go around breaking girls hearts and not expect to be punished.

Love isn’t a game. It’s real, and it’s painful when it’s ripped away. But it’s even worse when you find out that the person you loved, didn’t love you back. One day you will fall for a girl, a girl you expected to be like all of the others. And she will change you. She’ll make you start meaning everything you say. And when you look into her eyes you’ll see an amazing future you couldn’t imagine living without.

You’ll realize, in that moment, all of the pain you must have caused the women before her. You’ll start to panic, understanding what it is like to finally like someone more than they might like you. The vulnerability is uneasy, and you start to play it off like it’s nothing. Like she is just another girl you get to add to your list, but she’s not.

She’s not just another girl, and she’ll break you just like you’ve broken all of the girls before her. She may not do it maliciously, it may be a great relationship that just can’t work out. But it could have worked out. And deep down you know, that if you hadn’t had screwed over so many caring girls before her, she would have been yours forever. She was supposed to be your soulmate, but your choices before her, messed up that opportunity, and it will kill you inside.

The light you once saw while looking at her will break you, everytime you think about it. Just like every girl who loved you in the past felt when you decided to leave. You’ll finally understand what it must have felt like breaking their hearts. And maybe then, you’ll understand what being a good person is all about.

Just because you can make someone fall in love with you, doesn’t mean you should. But it should make you understand that love is not a game. It is a real-life situation that should be approached with care, kindness, and honesty.

Hopefully, having your heart broken, in the way you have broken so many others, will be a wake-up call. Because losing someone you knew could have been the one, changes a person, and we (the girls you left behind) can only hope it changes you for the better.

By Nicole Clements

Nicole Clements – Writers Page

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