Read This if You’re The Girl Who Wants to Settle Down Young

In today’s world, for some reason, a girl who wants to settle down young and not sleep around is considered rare and “weird”. But the thing is, you’re definitely not. Love is such a magical thing and you don’t have to sleep around to know that and to want to find “the one”. You also know you probably have more chances of finding him if you’re not sleeping around.

But in today’s society that’s how people look at things. Due to the divorce rate being so high, people believe waiting to marry someone, until you have been with “lots” of people, is the answer. But in reality, the answer is loyalty. People like to forget that love isn’t just a feeling it’s a choice.

You choose to love your best friends and boyfriends. You choose to stay in love with them every day by putting effort into giving them the attention they deserve. Love is a feeling you have total control over, but it does take two.

People forget that in our society of instant gratification online, where someone can call you hot or beautiful and be saying it to 75 other women, that that’s not really how love works. You have to work really hard at love. And you’re not special to someone in the realm of social media. But you are special to someone in person.

You are the type of girl guys are dying to find. They are so used to girls not really investing in love because they’re afraid of getting hurt again. Or they are just so used to girls wanting to be sex buddies that they forget about women like you. Women who are working on themselves and not giving up their “goods” for just anyone.

Women like you are a dying breed. Especially, because society is all for independence and free will, but lacks the knowledge to know that sleeping with whoever you want doesn’t mean you’re stronger or happier than someone who wants to be in a committed relationship.

Society forgets that women who have their shit together young and want to settle down young are not stupid or naive. It forgets that sometimes women are more mature than other girls their age.

But the thing you need to know is there is nothing wrong with you! You’re going to find a man who appreciates your independence and how you didn’t need random one night stands. He will be a man who cherishes you and loves you and wants to settle down too.

The thing is, settling down young isn’t a bad thing. And it doesn’t mean your marriage is doomed. It just likely means you have more faith and dedication in marriage than others in your generation. It means you’re more mature and ready to commit to one person for the rest of your life. And it’s okay that not everyone else is ready to do that.

It’s okay that others want to date around and not marry young. But it’s also okay that you want to settle down young. You are someone who just understands life and realizes that the meaning of it is to share your memories and love with people. And so the sooner you find that person, who is going to double as your lover and best friend, the sooner you want to dedicate yourself to them.

Women like you are rare gems, and a man who is ready to settle down will cherish that. He will realize he was lucky to find a girl who finally knows what she wants and thankfully wants him.

Love is a hard and scary thing to dedicate yourself to. And some people, now a days, let that fear rule their happiness. But you’re one of the people to say you’re glad to take the risk because somehow you understand that finding love is one of the best things you can do.

So to the people who think settling down young is a bad idea, keep doing you, while those who want to settle down young, keep doing them.

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3 thoughts on “Read This if You’re The Girl Who Wants to Settle Down Young

  1. This is so true! The first man I ever dated was when I was 16, and I married him 3 years later at 19. He is the love of my life! I am lucky to have found one friend who did the same thing, it is very rare!

  2. I loved reading this post! I got married at 19 and am so grateful that I did. I know many people who are against young marriage, so it’s always refreshing to find the few who are for it. 🙂 Thanks for posting!

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