We May be Broke AF But We’re Rich in Love

We may be young and broke… But we sure as hell love each other and to me, that’s all that matters. Nowadays people are so involved in money, instead of relationships and being free to do what they want in life, that they really miss the opportunity we have.

I’d rather be broke than rich and not have you in my life. You light up my life every second of every day. Ever since we met you have helped me through the toughest times of my life. And even though we may not be rich, we are so rich in love and I couldn’t ask for anything more than that.

You’re my best friend. You’re here for me when I need you and you have always supported me in everything I do. You’ve never stressed me out over the little things and I couldn’t be more thankful for someone like you in my life.

I feel like so many people take advantage of their significant others because it’s easy. It’s easy to treat someone you love badly. It’s easy because they understand you but they don’t remember that you still have the option every day to stay or leave. And I want to make sure that every day I make you want to stay.

I want you to be reminded how much I love you and how much I appreciate everything you do for me because you deserve that reminder. I know there will be days where I am busy and overwhelmed with my own thoughts and work. And I will definitely lack in being the girlfriend you deserve, but I hope you know it’s not done on purpose.

I will never be the other people in the world who take the love we have for granted. And no matter how hard our hard times are. Or how hard we struggle with money or not being able to afford the things we want to do, I will stick by your side because I know one day we will make it.

One day we won’t have to worry about money anymore. But until that day, I promise that focusing on us and our love is the one thing that will always keep me happy and always remind me that we don’t need all of those materialistic things.

Objects are just that, objects. No one needs them. But everyone needs love, everyone needs a best friend they can count on and that person is you. There will be days where we won’t get along and we will stress out about all of the wrong things, but in the end, we will have each other and our love that will keep us strong.

Thank you for showing me how important love is and how it can make any situation not look as bad. Thank you for helping me realize that some people may have every dollar they have ever wanted, but still can’t buy a love like ours. Because without you, I wouldn’t have learned some of the best lessons I have ever learned.

The lessons that have made me the loving person I am today and remind me daily that love is so much stronger than money.

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