You Were Right, She Did Find Someone Better

Thank you, for letting her go. At the time, it was probably one of the hardest things for her because you two had grown so close and she was definitely in love with you. She appreciated you and your flaws, and you loved that about her. And that scared you, because, in that time of your life, you weren’t ready for a woman like that.

A woman who was so down to earth. Someone who knew exactly in life what was important, while you still wanted to make mistakes. And in the end, you were still going to hurt people, and one of those people was her.

But she thanks you for knowing that deep down you weren’t the right one for her. Sometimes, life has different plans and boy is she glad it did. She thought you were crazy for pushing her away. Especially, telling her that things weren’t going to work out. But now she see’s what you were doing. And she is so thankful for it.

You may have broken her heart, but in the end, she found a man who was strong enough and smart enough to know he should never let her go. Because when you are ready and when you find a good girl like her, you hold on. You don’t push away like you did.

You helped her find the man who truly was her missing piece, who will cherish her for forever because he appreciates what he has. And even though you knew she was a great woman, you didn’t want to take the leap, but she’s so thankful you didn’t. Because she ended up finding a man who would never question that feeling she gives him.

I guess all the hurtful things you did to try to make her realize you weren’t someone she wanted to be with, worked out for you…

One because you ended up treating her like crap and who wants to be with someone like that? And second, because you felt like she would leave you for someone better anyway. Which in the end, she did.  She hopes one day you find what you are looking for and that it makes you happy.

But she also hopes you realize what you missed out on. Because her man sure understands how lucky he is to have found her and she’s sure as hell lucky to have found him as well.

She thanks you for all the memories good and bad. But also thank you for reminding her what she truly deserves in a man. Someone who will always be there, who is faithful, loving, who knows how lucky he is to be with her and who would never question being with her.

She’s blessed that she found that amazing man, and so happy she left behind the ones who weren’t him. In the end, you breaking her heart really taught her something. It taught her that she needed to always love who she is and to never change for anyone.

Because the man who is supposed to love you for the rest of your life will love you for you. He will do everything in his power to never hurt you and never let you go. Because real love isn’t worried about if the other person will leave them or if the other person is “right” for them.

Real love will just love and she’s so happy she found that.

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