One Day, You’ll Regret Everything You Did to Lose Her

You’re such a fool for losing someone who would have taken a bullet for you. But deep down you know it’s your loss and not hers. Right now she may be feeling like she did something wrong even though she tried everything to be the woman you wanted. You broke her just because you knew you could. But one day soon, you’ll regret everything you did to lose her.

One day, you will wake up missing her like you never imagined could happen. Whether it’s because you saw her out and about. Or stalked her gorgeous Instagram pictures, you’ll miss her. And it will be all your fault that you lost her. Because by this point she will already be long gone from wanting you.

Because one day, before you started to miss her, she realized how you wasted her time. How deciding to break her heart, in the process of wasting her time, was the best thing you could have done to her. Because she is so much happier without you and even though your relationship hurt her, she is so much stronger now that it is over.

There will be a time where you try to come back to her, guys like you always do. You will text her or call her and say, “you know I miss you and I’m so sorry I hurt you.” And you may even mean it. You may even really have figured your crap out and want her back. But do you want to know something? She’ll know you haven’t really changed, and if you really did care for her you wouldn’t have hurt her in the first place.

She might respond with thanks or not respond at all. She’ll leave you wondering how she could just not care that you, of all people, want her back. How dare she, right? You had her right where you wanted her when you left.

You had played your game and normally it ends with them always waiting for you to return. And now things changed. Now she has moved on and she looks so damn beautiful.

She’s become this woman without you and you can’t seem to get passed all the amazing memories you two had. You’ll notice how much brighter her smile looks without you. How much higher she holds her head without you. And how not even looking your way doesn’t bother her one bit.

You’re now stuck being the guy without her. You’re stuck being the one who wants her, not the other way around like you are always used to. How does it feel?

Does it make you realize how you messed up? Does it make you regret breaking her heart? Because you finally realize you might have lost the best girl you’ll ever have? Or does it just make you angry?

Well, no matter your feelings it doesn’t matter because she doesn’t care about you anymore. And she couldn’t be happier, without you. But maybe after what you did to her, you learned a lesson.

Maybe now you’ll start to be a better guy. A guy who appreciates a woman for who they are. A man who doesn’t want to hurt someone, like you hurt her because you know how easy it is to lose someone you could have had a great future with.

Even though you messed up with her, maybe the next girl you love, you’ll love right, and that’s all any girl you’ve hurt in the past could ask for.

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