Don’t Lose The Girl Who Has Loved You Through Everything

She has always seen the light in you. And it’s something you’ve definitely taken for granted. She’s never questioned the bad, even though, you probably have more of that than good.
She has always believed in you and never doubted your ability to reach your dreams. Even when you’ve doubted you’re own ability to achieve them. She has always supported you, never questioned you, and been the ride or die woman, any man would literally die to have in their life.

So why are you taking advantage of her? Why are you making her cry when all she has done is shown you love and encouragement? Why do you think it’s okay to risk the best thing you have ever had because you’re feeling selfish and know she won’t leave?

What if one day she does leave? What if another man comes in, in her time of need, and steals her from you, what are you going to say then? Are you going to finally be angry at yourself for not trying hard. For expecting this good woman to stay, because she has an amazing heart and a love like no other. You will be losing someone so loyal, and it will happen.

Because this girl you have is 1 in a billion. A woman who has her shit together and knows what she wants is a woman who is going to go far in life. She has goals and aspirations and nothing is going to stand in her way of achieving those, not even you.

But right now, she loves you with everything in her. She doesn’t think of your bad habits as an issue. She see’s them as a chapter in your life that you need, but will get through. She has so much faith in you at times she is completely blind… And you know that.

You know that she loves you so much that anything you do she will most likely get over, even being a bad boyfriend. But that’s not fair to her and eventually, she will catch on.

It’s also not fair that you are okay with being a shitty person while she is working on herself to be a better person for herself and also for you.

It’s not fair that you think it’s fine to do whatever the hell you want, but she has to be the perfect girlfriend. You expect so much from her, yet you think it’s okay for you to do nothing.

You need to wake up because if you don’t one day she will realize you’re not her future. She will realize that your work ethic isn’t where it needs to be. She’ll see how the person she loved with everything in her was taking advantage of her and it will break her heart.

It will be the worst moment of her life because you do have so much potential. But potential doesn’t make happiness. And neither does a man who doesn’t put his woman and her heart first.

So don’t be stupid. Don’t lose the girl who will be the best thing you will ever get because you will regret it.

And trust me, she won’t regret losing you.

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8 thoughts on “Don’t Lose The Girl Who Has Loved You Through Everything

  1. Goddamn, you killed it. I swear that as I read this I felt like you were my best friend who knew exactly what I was going through with my ex wife. This piece narrates my marriage to the T. Jesus, I just read that you’re 21?? The shame lol. Well done lady. Well done. I can only imagine you have gone through this yourself?

    1. Thank you so much Kramer! So sorry to hear you’ve gone through this yourself… But there is always something to good to take from it! And yes only 21, but almost! 22, haha thank you so much for reading😊

  2. No problem 🙂 you’re right though. I took a lot away from the experience and quite honestly the next real relation I had after my marriage was the healthiest one I’ve had so far. I took everything I learned I did wrong in my marriage and did it correctly and it was heaven, but it faded :/

  3. Say, by the way. I’m trying to follow your blog here but I don’t see the follow button. I found this post under Christian Mihai. That’s not an alias of yours is it? I’m thinking maybe Christian reblogged your article? How do I follow your blog?

    1. Hi Kramer! If you type in my site again in a browser my email list should pop up to sign up on 😊 I for some reason must have accidentally taken my wordpress blog subscription… thank you for telling me I will add it back tomorrow!

      1. You’re welcome 🙂 I’m going to follow you on the other social media platforms too. lol you know when I was growing up if a strange man told a strange woman he was going to follow her anywhere it would be cause for alarm. Nite!

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