Read This if You’ve Given Him Way Too Many Chances

It’s easy for people to say, “you need to leave him” after someone you love hurts you. But it’s way harder to actually make that decision. Especially when you have the guy you love crawling back to you saying he would never hurt you again, and protesting about how much he loves you.

It’s easy for people to judge you on your decision to stay with him, but yet they forget how they’ve been in your shoes before. And how hard it was to leave a man they have put so much effort into.

It’s easy for someone to say, “this is what you need in a man and he’s not giving it to you so you need to leave.” Yet, it’s a completely different story when you’re looking yourself in the mirror screaming and crying asking yourself why do you keep on letting him hurt you.

There is nothing wrong with you trying to give him chances to be better. We all know people deserve second chances, but you also have to find that line on when you stop. Because if he really cared, hurting you would be the last thing he’d ever want to do, and he’d change.

Now, people make mistakes. They make terrible ones, but you can’t keep letting the same mistakes go unnoticed. You need to break the cycle because if you don’t, every relationship you have will end in you broken. Feeling just how you’re feeling right now. Used, abused, and alone, but you don’t deserve that.

You have a heart of gold, and people would die to have the heart, love, and forgiveness you have for others. The world already has enough people who think letting someone in is a terrible thing to do. But being broken, can really change you. And it can change you for the better.

Love isn’t and never will be easy. There will be times when you’re with the person you’re meant to spend forever with. And you will question if this is worth it. There will always be hard times, arguments, and huge fights. But this is how you learn and figure out what’s worth fighting for and who is worth letting go. No one is perfect. And you know that to a fault. Because you are always so ready to forgive in move on. Yet, you need to remember if it’s going to be worth it for you to keep forgiving someone.

Picking your battles is important, but if someone keeps messing up over and over again, the only person getting hurt is you. You need to learn that standing up for yourself is how you show someone to love you. It reminds them that you have boundaries and when they’re passed, there will be consequences.

Life is too short for you to be miserable because you’re loving someone who doesn’t love you back. You need the kind of love that keeps you on your toes. A love that reminds you every night and every morning that they love you. You deserve someone who will always put you first. And when they hurt you, they do everything in their power to make it up to you. Because they believe in your relationship.

They believe that you’re the person they’re supposed to love for the rest of their life. And when someone believes that, they prove it. Just like you’ve been proving to all the wrong people. So before you think about giving him that 100th chance to do the right thing. Make sure it’s worth the pain of him leaving.

Or, you could just say the goodbye you know you need to say, so you can finally find the man you’ve been looking for.

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