She Will Stop Loving You

There will be a time and place where she looks herself in the mirror and gives up. It’s inevitable, because of the way you’re treating her. No one wants to feel like the person they love isn’t putting in the effort, is taking advantage of them, or thinks they will never lose the person. It will break her heart. And make her distant, angry, and ultimately make her leave.

You act like showing the person you’re in a relationship with is the end of the world. When the truth of the matter is, showing you care is very important to a HEALTHY relationship. It’s important because it reminds her that you care, and love her, which is what every person wants. But for some reason you only expect her to put that effort in and you can just sit around being a jerk.

The sad part is, you’re kinda in lalaland with this fact. You think that because she loves you and is the best person you’ve ever met, that you’re both just meant to be and you don’t have to try anymore. What made her fall in love with you in the first place was because you seemed different. You actually tried to impress her and show her what kind of person you were and she loved that.

She loved that you wanted to have deep conversations and weren’t so self-absorbed. But now you’re exactly the man she hoped you weren’t. She was hoping that you were the guy you said you were. The one who reminded her how much he loved her smile, not the one who barely looks at her anymore.

The man who always held her hand in public, not the man who barely is seen out with her anymore. You were her dream man when you two first met. And she made a promise to herself that if you stayed that way, she would do everything in her power to be with you for the rest of your life.

But now she is stuck. She’s stuck playing mind games on when enough will be enough and she leaves. You break her heart a little each day when she sees the man she fell in love with disappearing minute by minute.  And it makes her try harder and harder to be the best girl for you, which in turns makes you an even worse boyfriend. Ironic how that works sometimes…

She hasn’t given up yet though, she loves you and just wants you to get the hint. She wants you to know relationships take a lot of work, but from both people. And if you aren’t wanting to be in this relationship you need to tell her. It’s not fair making someone who loves you so much miserable. It’s not fair to break her heart because you’re too much of a coward to want to commit to her. It’s not fair that someone she loves doesn’t love her the same amount.

So, you either need to realize what you’re about to lose and fix it, or be ready to be regretting the woman who would have done anything to have you love her.

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