You Could Die Tomorrow, Stop Loving Him if He Doesn’t Love You

It’s a hard reality that you don’t want to accept. You love him you really do, and at one point you thought he really loved you too. But now you’re faced with the fact of either being with someone who doesn’t love you or he makes you believe he still loves you so he can use you.

You could die tomorrow, so stop loving him if he doesn’t love you. It’s a hard statement, but you know you need to hear it. Deep down you know it’s not fair to be wasting your short life on someone who could care less. You know that there is someone out there who will love you, but part of you asks all the what if questions.

What if he isn’t as cute as him? What if you don’t feel this same kind of love and want for him? What if he is just blah compared to him? The thing is, these what if questions only hurt you.

They don’t hurt the guy you’re still in love with and they don’t hurt the person you’re supposed to be with. They only hurt you and the possibility for you to move on and find your right person. So why would you do that to yourself?

Don’t waste your time, because your time is too short to be hurting and not loving the right person. And in the end, you’re only wasting your time and living a life you’re not meant to live. Even though it’s hard to believe at times, we are here to live a happy and loving life. We are here for a reason and one of those reasons is to enjoy ourselves and our lives.

But by loving someone who doesn’t love you, you leave your self-open to be taken advantage of and heartbroken. You’re making the conscious decision to put yourself second when you should always come first. To love someone, you first have to love yourself. You have to accept your flaws but love who you are, because if you don’t, how can you love someone else?

These lessons are so important because once you realize them, you will never stay with someone who doesn’t appreciate you. The moment you feel someone pushing you away, you don’t go into that, “oh no” moment. You think to yourself, I don’t want to force someone to be with me because I deserve better.

Things will start changing. The boys you attract will start being men. They will have goals, desires, and want to make a commitment to one woman. You will start to see a complete shift in who you attract and that’s important.

Because who you attract is a reflection of who YOU are! And once you can start attracting men like you, you will never be in your shower again sobbing so hard you feel like your heart might explode. You will never be in the spot you are now, wondering if things will ever get better.

Because you will be happy, and with a man that deserves you! So, before you keep wasting your time on a guy who doesn’t know what he is missing, remember how many fishes there are in the sea. And how many of those fishes would die to be with you even though you may not think so.

So please, keep your head up gorgeous, and don’t you dare risk dying not having the love you deserve!

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