Only A Jerk Uses Her Heart Of Gold Against Her

She loved him. That much she knows is true, but so does he. And currently, he is trying to take advantage of that love. He knows that if he needs anything she will be there. Because she loves him to much to let go even though she should.

Deep down she’s hoping things can be fixed and he will decide he wants to be with her. Even though she knows that won’t ever happen…

She knows he is just taking advantage of her kind heart and loving mind. But she loves him. She knows he is just lonely looking for someone who really cares about him to reassure him “how great he is” until he finds another girl. But she just can’t let him go.

He’ll use her and make her the person he counts on to be there for him when no one else does. He will manipulate and control her without her even realizing it because he is feeding her bullshit like “maybe we could make this work.” But he’s a liar… and a good one at that.

But it hurts…

It hurts how he can manipulate her into being there for him, let alone believing all of his lies. It’s not her fault though. She’s an amazing woman and he is the one missing out. And eventually, he will figure it out.

But there are things she needs to do to protect herself. She needs to stop picking up his phone calls when she knows he is just drunk and needy. She needs to stop replying to his texts when he needs attention.

She needs to make him realize what he lost and move on. Because moving on is the best revenge she can do and she will end up happier than she ever thought possible. She’ll find a guy who appreciates her. While at the same time the jerk will be crying himself to sleep because he doesn’t have her heart to count on anymore.

She knows she deserves so much more. And even though she knows everything about him and his issues. It’s not her job to be there for him anymore. It’s not her job to try and fix him or help him overcome his demons. That’s his job.

She should never be someone’s punching bag. She’s someone’s dream girl, so she should never settle for less. Settling for less will only hurt her and her future. So instead she needs to make sure to love herself enough to never give up on that dream relationship.

And she needs to never let a guy who uses her take away her future happiness. She needs to never give him the power to control her emotions. It hurts right now but it will get better and one day he will just be a memory.

While she will still be the best girl he ever had.

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