If He Doesn’t Give You Closure, He’s A Coward

You could have just told her things weren’t “working out”. You could have done so many other things but no, you decided the worst route of them all. Breaking her heart came awfully easy for you… Don’t you think?

To make her miserable and make her have to deal with you not loving her was a heartless game… Dude, she loved you. If you didn’t love her anymore it would have been much easier if you had just left. Or you know, maybe said you didn’t love her anymore?

You literally dragged her through the dirt until she was going insane over it. How can you treat someone you used to love like that?

It was a nightmare she couldn’t seem to get out of. One that included you talking to other people while you were still saying you loved her. Even though now she realizes the “I still love you” was just a huge ass lie…. What was the point?

Are you just that much of a baby to where you couldn’t be man enough to break it off? She just doesn’t get how you could be such a jerk and think that it was okay. Especially, to someone who you knew still loved you? It’s like she was living in a reoccurring nightmare.

One minute you loved her, the next you were sneaking around talking to other girls and leaving it for her to see… On purpose!

That’s just evil, you’re just evil.

But she’s so happy you’re gone. She’s so happy every time someone asks her why you broke up she can go into detail about how terrible of a person you are. She’s so happy she was able to come to this decision to break-up with you, even though you wanted her to because it helped her understand how bad and cruel a person can be.

Sure, it broke my heart having to give up on your relationship, but by that time, it was such a relief to get you the hell out of her life.

You both had some good times but looking back at it, she was so dumb for even dating you. You weren’t ready to commit, you had the mindset of an 8-year-old, and you were still way too obsessed with high school drama.

It’s like a breath of fresh air she never knew she was missing. Even though you were a dick, who did everything in his power to make her break up with him, she’s proud of herself.

She’s proud because she kept trying to make things work because she loved you and was invested. She tried to fix your problems when obviously they couldn’t have been fixed but she still tried.

She did her best to work to fix your relationship but the main point is, at least she knows she can be dedicated to a person. And one day that right person will come along and she will never have to fight for him because he will love her just as much as she loves him.

So screw you and your stupid break up method, but thanks for giving her the opportunity to realize you were not the guy she wanted.

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9 thoughts on “If He Doesn’t Give You Closure, He’s A Coward

  1. Thanks for the story Nicole, I just went though this exact thing only he never got over his ex-wife cheating on him so I was the one being punished for it. Now I have four men at my skirttale. He knows about one but then he wants to act all jealous, fuck him!!!

  2. If the guy left it for her to see he was not sneaking. It takes two to tango, and two to make choices. For whatever reason, it was not meant to be. These things happen to men and women alike often due to communication issues or failure of one person to change when the other partner asks. One male I knew tried in vain to talk to his wife about their boring sex life. She was not receptive to change. He cheated, found what he wanted, and he and new wife are happily married now for many years. Another male I knew tried in vain to get his wife to have kids. It was a no go for her. He cheated and found a new wife. He has a beautiful family now. Both women in these scenarios had “FUCK YOU” attitudes after they found themselves manless. There is a lop-sided narrative in America that portays men negatively. Quite often there story is never told. Every coin has heads and tails. Two stories. Let a women tell it and it is never her fault. It’s those “Damn men.”

    1. I appreciate your point of view! But do you see the problem? A lot of men think they “try” when most likely they don’t try very hard because it’s easier to cheat than to actually work at something. Women cheat too, yes, but lets be honest. We are more loyal, more dedicated, and don’t find excuses as much as men do. Marriage is sacred. But I’m referring more to just dating in this piece. But this isn’t saying all men do this. This is saying that it happens. And sure it’s not always like this, but I’ve been in a scenario like this and let me tell you, no one deserves to be treated that way. No matter if you think it’s fair or not. It happens and it happens a lot more than people want to admit. So that’s why I wrote this piece, so I can help others who went through this too. I found someone so much better and am happily engaged! So obviously things happen for a reason, but there is always a better way to do something.

      1. Women and men are about the same when it come to cheating, loyalty, making excuses, and dedication. The only reason it seems they are different is the narrative and media are always in their favor, but statistics prove they cheat as often. I am glad things worked out for you.

  3. Aren’t these kinds of relationships wonderful?? They teach us things we never knew about ourselves (on both sides – men and women). I can relate quite a bit to this piece you’ve written. I’ve come away from my relationship knowing that I have an inner strength I didn’t know existed. I have the ability to stick it out with someone for quite sometime despite being miserable for years – all in an attempt to TRY to save what I thought was so important…our life together. But you also learn who other people are. These types of relationships, although shitty in the moment, are also the best ‘life’ teachers. It’s never time wasted, just lessons learned.
    Wishing you lots of happiness with your engagement and new beau!

    1. Yes! They really do help you grow, and become a better person. And thank you so much! I am so excited😊❤️

  4. Thank you Nicole! I so agree and Im glad I’ve read it again. Although “my” guy did not do things with other girls, but he left silently with no single word while I thought we are still in a relationship.. I thought so for very long time. He was just a coward… But it’s true that this helps us grow soo much 🙂

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