Love All Of Her or Leave, It’s That Simple

She doesn’t need a man; accept that or don’t…
But she’s doing just fine either way. Don’t think playing games will win her over or get you anything other than blocked. She’s been there done that, and she’s over being dragged into the dirt for just another you know what boy. So, love all of her or leave, it’s that simple.

Yea, you may be cute, but you’re not going to trick her. And she is surrounded by plenty of cute men, not boys, so keep that in mind. Sure, she’ll get to know you. She may even allow you to bail on dates once or twice.

But the second she feels like you’re losing interest or not appreciating the awesome characteristics she has to offer, she’s gone. 

And she won’t look back. Because she won’t need to. She knows her worth, and she also knows there are plenty of men who would die to be her. So, that’s who she is waiting for. She is waiting for a man who is wanting to commit. A man who doesn’t need to be reminded they have a date, or what her favorite place to go is.

Because she’s too old for that shit. She’s too old for the midnight “let’s hang out” texts. She’s too old to be playing these, we know we like each other but are too afraid to make a real commitment game. And she is too young to just settle for someone who’s less than she deserves.

She knows her own worth and is completely fine with being alone until she finds the right person. Because in the end, she could die tomorrow, and she doesn’t want to be wasting her time. Love is not something she messes around with. It takes a lot of effort and it actually means something to her when someone says they love her.

And, she still believes in happily ever after’s. She still knows that the man she’s meant to be with is out there. And if he isn’t you, she won’t be staying around to get hurt or waste her time.

See, the difference between her and other girls is that she’s mature, she’s smart, and she knows what she wants.

It’s nothing too complicated; as long as you put in some effort and show her that you actually want to be a part of her life, she’s easy to please.

But she’s been hurt a lot, particularly by guys who liked to play games. She isn’t going down that road again. Some people may look at her and think she’s cold-hearted but that’s not really the case. She’s just too grown up to deal with petty nonsense.

And even though she lives in the same technological age as everyone else, she respects the sanctity of a committed relationship. She wants that. She wants someone she can actually have a great conversation with. A man who’d rather spend quality time instead of texting one other. A person who realizes the importance of love and giving that to someone else.

And for her, and a lot of other women, there is nothing wrong with knowing who she is and what she wants, and if you can’t appreciate that she’ll gladly kick you to the curb. Because who needs a man who doesn’t love a strong and independent woman? Oh right, no one!

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