Read This If Your Heart Is Too Bruised To Move On

It’s okay to be heartbroken. I don’t think people say that enough. We live in this world where the stigma of breaks either happen nasty on social media or people don’t really care so they don’t bring it up. When reality is, no matter what kind of break up you have, it’s traumatizing and it hurts.

If your heart is too bruised to move on don’t feel ashamed, weak, stupid or any other feeling that comes to your mind. Because it’s not true.

Expressing your feelings, and not pretending like you don’t still have feelings for someone, is healthy. It proves that you’re stronger than you think and that you understand feeling pain is important when you’re wanting to move on in your life.

He is going to stay on your mind. That won’t change for awhile. Your heart will ache and you will wish it was all a dream. You’ll wish to wake up and see his sleeping face on your pillow. You will wish with all your heart he will text you and confess how this was all a mistake. But deep down you know that won’t fix what was broken.

Things ended because they needed to, not because either of you may have wanted it to. Sometimes… No matter how hard you try and want something to work, it just doesn’t. And you have to accept that.

You have to accept that you will love people who aren’t meant to be yours forever. You will be with people who will shatter you to pieces but you will come out stronger than you ever thought you could.

Remember though that taking your time is important. Taking time to heal and know that it’s okay to feel like you won’t find someone else is needed. Because you’re allowed to be stuck on him. And eventually how you feel will fade, it always does.

So cry in the shower.

Yell at the mirror.

Sob in your car when no one is looking.

Just take time to feel, because it will help you get over him, it really will. And when he texts you asking for you back, you will want to cave, but you won’t. You will be over him at this point. You will be over all the terrible feelings he made you feel because you actually let yourself feel them.

Love is hard, and heartbreak is even harder, but you will get through it and you will find someone else. Eventually, you won’t even have to look anymore because you will have found the right one. So, even though right now you’re hurting and feel like you may never get over losing him… Just know you will, and it might be the best thing to ever happen to you.

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2 thoughts on “Read This If Your Heart Is Too Bruised To Move On

  1. Thank you for this post!!! It appeared on my feed at the right time: I’m going through a break up, and while I feel better than I did when the event happened, I still think about and miss him. Reading your post reinforced the belief that I’ll be stronger once this whole thing ends. So, thank you again!

  2. This is very true! Sometimes I think about my most recent break up and it still hurts sometimes. I have found myself crying sometimes but like you said “You have to accept that you will love people who aren’t meant to be yours forever.”

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