Even Though He Left, You Can’t Seem To Let Him Go

It’s so hard to accept the fact that you still want a man who doesn’t want you because you’re not that girl. You know your worth, and it’s unfair because you know the only person you’re hurting is yourself… But damn, he somehow got you under his spell… And even though he left and broke your heart, you still can’t seem to let him go.

You know for a fact you were shortchanging yourself by staying with him. You’re certain there’s someone else out there who’ll love everything about you in ways that he never did…

But you’re struggling. You put so much effort into loving a person who didn’t love you back and you don’t want to admit that all that time was wasted. The last thing you want to happen to you is having your heart broken like this again. Because putting in this much effort is hard and it hurts…

You know that relationships are never easy or perfect so giving up was never an option… Until he left. That was the moment you realized that just because you wanted someone didn’t mean they wanted you too. And that was harder to accept than you ever thought possible. Because you did everything in your power to be the woman he wanted.

You loved every part of him, good and bad. But not only did that love not fix the problems you had as a couple, it’s made it terribly hard for you to let him go.

Your heart wants nothing more than to win him back but your mind is telling you, “he left, move on.” You meet a great new guy but just can’t find it within yourself to like him the way you liked your ex. Your world is shattered and you really have no idea where to start when it comes to living again.

But eventually, you will do it. Life will become easier and you’ll slowly start to forget him. You’ll start focusing on yourself more, learning what life is all about and remembering what’s important in relationships.

You’ll start realizing that yes, love is complicated, but it’s not the only thing that keeps people together. Just because you can’t put anyone else above him right now, doesn’t mean you’ll always feel that way. It just means you have a heart and that when you love someone… You love them with everything in you, and that’s a trait you need to hold onto!

Just take things day by day; live your life and mourn the loss of your love. 

Eventually, it’ll get easier. Your heart will heal.

When it has and you can finally move on, you’ll be free to find the person who won’t ever leave your side. And when that time comes, you will completely understand why you’ve had to deal with all the heartbreak you’ve gone through.

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