This Is How You Stop Attracting Mr.Wrong And Find Mr.Right

You’re reading this piece because you’re probably fed up with all the f*** boys you’ve been dealing with, right? The boys who have dragged you through the dirt, played with your emotions, made you fall in love with them only to leave, and everything else these jerks have done, you didn’t deserve. You’re reading this because you want to stop attracting Mr.Wrong and find Mr. Right and this is how you’ll find him.

You’ve had your heart broken too many times to count. Let alone the amount it’s been broken over again by the same dudes because you wanted to give them a second chance. It just hasn’t been fair. It’s not fair that you’re crying yourself to sleep when others are laying next to their forever. It’s not fair that you’re stuck playing games when all you want is to find a decent guy who loves you back.

To be honest, you’re just to the point where you want to give up because you don’t know what you’re doing wrong. You always put others first. You love more than anyone has loved you and all you want is that in return. Your heart has been broken more times than you can count and you’re just done with Mr.Wrong.

So… Here is how you find Mr.Right, you stop looking.

Yup. That simple. You stop looking and you start focusing on yourself. You start taking yourself on all of those adventures you’ve always wanted. You start investing in your dreams and desires even without someone you want to share it with. Why you may ask? Because finding Mr.Right is all about being Mrs.Right first.

You need to love yourself with everything in you because once you get in a relationship you tend to lose yourself. You want to be everything your significant other wants and with that, you end up losing yourself. And in the past, you’ve ended up heartbroken, alone, and without an identity, because you changed for him.

This time, it’s going to be different. You’re going to stay you and not settle for anyone less than what you deserve. Because you’re going to feel so empowered that anything less than what you want is not going to cut it. Mr.Right comes when you least expect it. And yes, you’ve probably heard this before and just rolled your eyes. But it’s so true.

He comes when you’re least expecting it because you’re so busy living YOUR life, that you forget how much you thought you needed someone to share it with. And that’s an AMAZING feeling. Especially, when you’re already so happy that when he comes waltzing in you think to yourself, “Is this even possible?” And sure enough, it is!

Finding the love of your life will happen. It may not be your next boyfriend or the one after that. But he will come. And he’ll come when you’ve finally stopped worrying about making everyone else happy. And start making yourself happy! Love comes from within. So make sure that you are loving yourself and treating yourself the way you deserve. Because you attract what you think you deserve and you deserve the best!

So, if you want to find Mr.Right remember you need to make yourself Mrs.Right first because then he will come running.

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