She Doesn’t Want To Be Saved, She Just Wants To Be Loved

If you’re looking to be her hero, you should start looking elsewhere. She doesn’t want a hero. She wants a best friend. A person who loves her for her and a person who isn’t trying to “put her back together.”

She has come to terms with her brokenness. She has realized that no matter what, her past is her past, and it has helped her become the strong woman she is today. She doesn’t want a man who goes around thinking he can fix everyone.

Because what kind of person thinks that their presence will alter someone else’s past?

Probably a conceited person, probably a person who has never been hurt. And that’s not a person she wants to be with. She wants to fall in love with a man who has been broken just like her. She wants a man who has cried his heart out to a girl to try and keep her and still had to watch her walk away.

She wants a man who was his own hero just like she was because that’s a man with love to give. She wants a man who knows pain and heartache because that’s a man who knows what he wants.

She’s done playing these games. She wants someone who gets it. A man who knows that playing with someone’s heart can leave them scarred and forever changed. A man who just wants to love someone forever.

Because he knows how to love and he knows how to love with everything he is.

She’s learned that a man who only wants to “save” her is a man that’s not ready for a mature relationship. He is a man who doesn’t understand how being “saved” doesn’t change what has happened to you and it doesn’t make it hurt less.

She wants a man who understands what pain can do to a person, and how it is okay to have been broken by someone you loved. It’s okay to be lost, sad, hurt. Someone who understands that from being broken you can become the best you, you’ve ever been and that pain doesn’t last forever.

Because eventually, you will find the right person. You will be in love again and be more in love than you ever thought possible. She wants a man who has grown from his heartbreak but hasn’t given up on love.

Because she just wants a man who loves her. She is done running around with men who don’t care. Who act interested but then end up breaking her heart. She wants a man who is dedicated, sincere, and just ready to take on this world with someone by his side.

She just wants a man who has been there, done that and is now looking for the real deal.

Because even though she doesn’t need to be saved, she does want to be loved.

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