Help us Regain the Rights to Our Work By Donating to Help With Our Legal Fees

Hi everyone,

Now, this is a way different post than you’re used to from me. Because it’s not something you might be able to relate to… And to be honest I hope it’s not! Because this has been a hard and heartbreaking journey already but we are getting through it.

If you follow me on social media, you have seen my posts asking for help. And I’m not just asking for help for myself, I asking for help for my 13 fellow women writers who have been cheated, lied to, not paid, and our work held hostage making other people money, but not us.

We all used to work for a blogging company that really helped us grow and reach people we would never have reached without them. They also paid us and paid us on time without incident. Well, that all changed and changed fast… And after 3 months of excuses and no payments, we realized there was an issue. So, I reached out to the CEO asking that he send me a letter explaining what he owed me ($800) and when he would pay me. If he did not send me this letter I would go to a lawyer and get a cease and desist order for the 300+ articles I have written for them until they paid me. Well… As you have probably guessed the response was not a happy one. This is what he said,

jay response.jpg

As you can see, he wasn’t thrilled but made it very clear that they would be illegally withholding my money as well as still using my articles until I filed this lawsuit… Even though a contract was signed saying they would pay me on time and that all of my work would always be my property. So, I am filing a lawsuit, but not alone.

13 other amazing, talented women are on this journey with me, and numerous others who are supporting us. After being locked out of the website where we could access our work, see our money owed, view our terms and conditions, it’s been a struggle. But we found an amazing lawyer and we are not letting a company take away our rights. We are going to fight for our property, but we need your help.

As we all know, lawsuits are spendy, and if you add travel and overcharges on that, it’s even more expensive. But the thing is… If we were able to get all of our friends to donate just 5 dollars, the amount of giving up just one day of coffee, we would have already reached our goal 2x’s over. I know giving up money is hard, but I promise it is for a great cause, and when we win our case it will all go back to charity.

We just need a little help right now and trust me, everyone can do $5 dollars and share our gofundme. So, if you like reading our work, if you’re our friends, please help us. Please be willing to give up just one coffee to support a cause that reminds everyone to fight for what is right.

Because no one should ever be walked all over, and feel like they have no rights over their work, and if you’re the people we know you are, you will help us as much as you possibly can to get the word out there and make a change!

Thank you so much for reading and your donations and shares are appreciated more than you could ever imagine!

Here is our GoFundMe Link:




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