Life Isn’t Easy, But This is How We Can Get Through it, Together

With all the suicides, shootings, and everything in between I thought it would be important to write something that was real but also the truth. These terrible and sad incidents that are happening suck. They are not fun, they are not for political debates, they are terrible acts that people are committing because something is wrong.

Maybe it was they didn’t feel loved or were always being picked on. Maybe they just felt the world would be better off without them. And this is the truth, this is how some people think, and it breaks my heart to know others feel so alone or so angry, that they have to go out and hurt themselves or others.

This isn’t how life is supposed to be. We are supposed to feel loved and supported and when we don’t we really have to self-reflect. What can I do to feel better, or what can I do to help someone else who may be struggling?

Life is all about the “little” things we like to look over. Oh, I haven’t texted my best friend in awhile, I’m sure she’s fine though, a little thing. Oh, jeez those people are really picking on him, maybe I should say something… No, he’s strong he’ll be okay, a little thing. What people forget is that all these little things add up. They add up to hate, anger, sadness, hurt, worthlessness, even though that was never the intention.

We all get so lost in our own lives that we forget the impact we do and can have on others. This world isn’t all about us, it’s not about just our happiness and our wants it includes everyone.

But also when our life is gone, it affects so many others. Not just our loved ones and the ones we were closest with but it affects their friends, their relationships, their life. You see what I’m saying. Every decision we make effects so many other people, people we don’t even know! So before you do that mean thing to get back at someone, or put your best friend who needs you last over a boy, or decide to really hurt others or yourself, think…

How will this effect my world, will it help or hurt? How will this decision not only affect me but others? If you can think like this you will realize that you may think you’re unimportant but really you have a way bigger impact on the world than you think. And with this one little moment to let yourself just, breathe and think, you can change the course of so many lives, including your own.

So try your best every day to take that time, especially when your hurting, sad, or feeling alone. Give yourself that time to be vulnerable but also honest with yourself because you are so much more than you think you are. And you have so much to live for and change for the better!

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