Read This If It’s Killing You That He’s Not Ready For Your Forever Kind Of Love

There is just something about him that made your heart skip a bit. But once you got to know him, you found out that he’s someone with lots of baggage, not ready for real love. But you think to yourself, “maybe I can really help him. Maybe I can be the girl he changes for.”

You’re not careless with your heart, you just really thought that he would change for you. You believed that if he fell in love with you, it would change his whole world.

You can’t be blamed for at least thinking this could happen. He was so different with you, even he knows that you both were something special. And deep down he really hoped you might be able to change him too.

He thought maybe you were the girl who was going to make him want to commit to loving someone else and being the man you deserved.

He may have loved you but he was just not ready to be with someone for the long run. You decided to look past your smart mind telling you that, “You know he’s not going to change. Are you really ready for that?” But you listened to your heart instead of your brain.

You’re a woman with so much love, compassion, and forgiveness. Someone who understands people’s past and never holds it against them. You were someone he could have seen himself with for a long time.

But instead of manning up, he thought taking you on a ride was his best option. Instead of being honest about where he was in life and how he was not ready for that kind of commitment.

He broke your heart.

You were just a girl in love with a guy you thought wanted to change. You were just caring and loving towards a man who needed it. A girl who was risking her heart being ripped to pieces because you believed he was worth it.

But in the end, he never changed, and it hurt.

It killed you inside.

You just didn’t understand why he couldn’t be that man he wanted to be, the man you believe he’s destined to be.

But it taught you a few lessons, that love is fickle. And sometimes you find the right person but they end up not being ready or it ends up being the wrong time.

And sometimes that hurts more than the heartbreak itself.

Because moving on from a love like his isn’t easy… And it’ll be even harder when he comes back and says, “now I’m ready” and you’ve ended up moving on and have to tell him “it’s too late.”

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