For 2019 Fall in Love With Yourself Before Anyone Else

pexels-photo-287240I have always been the girl who loved boys, whether they were just my friends or crushes, my adolescent life revolved a lot around boys. I never gave myself the opportunity to just focus on me until I was older, and that taught me a lot over the years.

In 2019 my one wish for you is to take the time to focus on you and loving yourself. The happiness and appreciation you will have for life will truly change your outlook and you may be surprised by what comes of it.
I learned the hard way, that revolving yourself around boys is painful. You will end up going through a terrible breakup and vow that you’re done with men. But to be honest these terrible breakups teach you a lot more about yourself and what’s really important.
When you let go of the idiots who keep hurting you, you get to do whatever you want to do. You can talk to, see, hang out with, be friends with, and focus on just you and that’s what 2019 should be all about. Being young only happens once. And love will always be around because we were made to be loved and find someone to love us for who we are.

You won’t have to change or be someone you’re not. Using 2019 as a chance to just love yourself gives you so much more than me time, it’s an opportunity to be more than you ever thought possible and who wouldn’t want that opportunity?

My advice to any of you who feels like you don’t truly know yourself is to give yourself 2019 to find who you really are! You learn so much on your own and it makes you that much stronger of a person.

Once I gave myself this chance to love myself and just enjoy the person I am and was growing into I ended up finding the love of my life. It’s like everyone says, when you are happy with you, you stop looking and that’s when the “one” seems to just fall into your lap.
I know a lot of you know what it’s like to forget about what you need. But just remember, a man doesn’t define your worth. You do! You are beautiful, unique, and worthy of the best kind of love, and you need to give that kind of love to yourself first, before you can really understand the kind of love you deserve.

Me finding myself led me to the man I would end up falling head over heels in love with in college. I had given myself the time to mend from my past relationships, I had given myself the time to figure out who I was and who I wanted to be and it led me to the man I get to marry.
I didn’t have to search for him, I didn’t have to beg for him, and I didn’t have to wait for him. I believe that I found him because I truly loved myself and I was ready to love someone else.

When you have faith and give yourself the time to find who you really are love always seems to find a way to you.

I believe that you can only give true love to someone else as long as you are able to do the same for yourself. If you can look yourself in the mirror and know who you are and that you are on the right path you can look at someone else with those same happy and loving eyes.

We are the hardest on ourselves, so if we can accept our own flaws without resentment we can accept the flaws of others without resentment as well.

So remember, for 2019’s New Years resolution find yourself first before you go looking for someone else. That man won’t need to be searched for, he will just be found. Have faith in yourself and who you are, because love takes time within ourselves and the person we’re meant to be with.
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2 thoughts on “For 2019 Fall in Love With Yourself Before Anyone Else

  1. it’s amazing that you set this year for yourself. Self love is important. You have to love yourself to the point that there is no room left for hatred anymore. And when you’re overflowing with self love you can then give it back to the world.

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