DMS Pricing Packages

Below is the pricing related to our services here at DMS! Please reach out to us if you have any inquiries or are wondering about certain services!


Let us be your fully outsourced Marketing Department TEAM! No longer worry about hiring on multiple team members to market and grow your business. My team and I are ready and here to support you! The best part is, all of our packages cost you less than it would to hire just 1 Full-time experienced Marketing Manager.

Silver monthly package (1 post on 2 platforms M-F, 1 video, 1 blog/email marketing, daily engagement) – $2,500

Gold monthly package (2 posts on 2 platforms M-F, 2 videos, 2 blogs/email marketing, daily engagement, and 50% off Ad Management fee) – $3,600

Platinum Monthly package (3 posts on 3 platforms M-F, 3 videos, 3 blogs/email marketing, daily engagement, and 50% off Ad Management fee) – $4,700

Facebook Advertising

$2,500 monthly maintenance fee and then a 10% commission off Ad profit – no matter your Ad spend we’re here to help you become profitable. When you make money, we make money, and that’s how I like to do business!

Website redesign

Website redesign is all based on an hourly rate – $250 per page


$350 dollars an hour for all products

If any of these products are speaking to you head to my shop page to order your desired service! Marketing is hard, leave it up to the experts so you can stop wasting time, and start making money!

Free 30 minute consultation calls

Interested in one of these packages but would like to chat first? Sign up for a FREE 30 minute consultation call to see how we can best serve you!

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