Find Your Target Market in These 3 Short Steps!

target market

What makes your product/service worth buying? I know… A tough question right off the bat, but it’s important to know! The answer to this question will help you narrow down or broaden your target market and in return help you find the clients and customers you’ve been missing!

Step 1: Answer the question “What problem do I solve”

By answering this question you allow yourself to visualize the people who are needing your service. Every product has an audience. And every target audience has a need for that specific thing. Let’s say you sell clothing. Everyone needs clothes, right? Well yes! But what kind of clothes do you sell? Is it only for women? Or maybe it’s a type of clothing? All of these questions will help YOU understand where the need lies and you’ll be able to start narrowing down you market.

Step 2: Research! Ages, locations, and Money

To be successful at selling your products/services you have to do research. And once you know the type of people who need your product you’ll be able to narrow down from there. But it’s not solely researching them, it’s also analyzing your product and service and seeing to who and where your items can be sent or used. Do you own a coaching business where you can coach anyone in the world? Maybe you own an ETSY store where you can only send items within the US. Or lastly, you may be a brick and mortar business that needs people to come to your business to sell your items. There are multiple different ways you are selling, and when it comes to finding your target market, you do have to consider these aspects of your own business.

From there, you can start to focus on ages, location, and money. If you sell clothing, does it focus on just women? If so, you can then start to research at what ages women are most likely going to buy clothing. Then you’ll be able to find your ideal money customer. Are they middle class? or maybe all of your items are affordable. These are questions and things that will vary based on your company. Once you can narrow them down, you’ll be able to really see the correct people you should be marketing to.

Step 3: Start marketing

To market correctly, and to see your Return on Investment (ROI), you need to make sure your target demographic is correct. If it’s not, it’s either one or two things; your product/service is not solving a problem or your target audience is off. To market correctly, it does take some time. But once you’re ready all you have to do is start posting content and advertisements. Whether that’s videos, pictures, or blogs, anything will help you spread brand awareness. If you’re ready to take your marketing strategies to the next level, but are wanting to focus on your business, make sure to reach out to us here at Diedrich Marketing Strategies!

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