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Are you tired of worrying about sales? Get ready to master ads, build your leads & skyrocket your sales!

 There are only 12 spots inside of my brand new program Master Making Money with Your Facebook Ads, and I want to make sure you are ready for this amazing live group program!

For only $997 a month, you will gain access to the best Facebook Ads support training and mastermind on the web. 

The program begins on Jan 15th! Anyone who joins early will get access to the FB group and Ads course early! Save your spot NOW!

Let's get into the good stuff - the details!


The Tech & Backend Set Up.

We are talking about Pixels, Tech and Setup! This is where I see so many people get stuck when it comes to starting their journey with Ads. I am going to help you take the confusion around all of the set up and tech you will need to successfully run ads!


The Copy & Creation Process of Ads

How do you get an Ad live? In this month, I will be sharing all about how to take the overwhelm out of launching your first ad campaign! We will also be talking about the creative copy process so that you can start creating the assets you need for your next ad campaign!


Lead Generation Ad Campaigns and how to grow your list with qualified leads. 

In this month, we will be going into how to build high converting landing pages, and more on copywriting to get ideal buyers to say YES. I will be sharing how to start building your audience so that you can be selling to them via your email list!


Conversion Ads & Retargeting Ads 

In Month Four, we are going into how to set up Conversion Ads vs Retargeting Ads! 

We are going into the rules of Facebook Ads, and what a preforming active ad looks like. 

I will also be sharing about the Learning phase and Active Phase so you know how to maximize your ad potential!  

This month, you will learn the tips and tricks to work within the facebook ads rules while building 


Running ads and testing them together!

The final two months of the program, we will be actively running Ad campaigns! This will be for the holiday season, and all of the prep work you have done the previous months will lead you EXACTLY here. This program is curated to support you in having the most INCREDIBLE last two quarters here in 2023, and set yourself up for success in 2024. 

I also have created an option for you to purchase add on options from my in house team like copywriting, graphics, and more!

Are You Ready to Up Level Your FB Ads?

Right now get in as a Founder. As a founder you get this entire program for $777 a month. That’s over $200 in savings a month! 

Your Investment Options:

Hear what Eliška has to share about working with Nicole…

Plus Get access to an amazing community of business owners.

Not only do you get all the support you will need to manage Facebook Ads on your own. You gain access to an amazing community of business owners sharing and working through their Facebook ad skills, ideas, and issues. This is such an incredible part of this program. Being able to pick the brain of other entrepreneurs can really streamline your learning process.

Nicole Diedrich Downtown Spokane WA

If you are ready to start confidently running your own Facebook ads – this live program is perfect for you! 

Not only will you get weekly trainings, but twice a month we get to meet live via Zoom so that I can answer ANY of your burning questions! I am here to walk with you – step by step – to running successful Facebook Ads.

The thing about Facebook Ads I hear the MOST is “They are confusing, and they are expensive.” 

And I want to bust both of those myths once and for all. 

When it comes to Ads, I have something called the faucet analogy… Facebook Ads and a kitchen faucet have one thing in common – you get to command the flow coming from the faucet at any time! 

When you need less water – you turn down the faucet. Maybe you even turn it off for a little bit. 

Same thing for Facebook ads. 

You can choose to invest more or less based on how YOU feel – but regardless, you will still be seeing qualified leads and sales from your ads when done right! 

Over our 6 months together, I will be helping you to learn the skills and install the hardware so that by the holiday season this year, you are feeling like a marketing maven!

1:1 Hot Seat Coaching
Real-Time Expert Support
Community Support

Still on the fence?

As an added bonus I am giving you my FB Ads course for FREE when you join now! This is a $250!

My FB Ads course has been my baby for years (and is the foundation for this program). I have put everything I have learned over my 6+ years in online marketing into this ONE course and it’s the perfect start on your Facebook Ads journey. This is just the beginning too…

Nicole Diedrich Laughing

Are You Ready to Up Level Your FB Ads?

Right now get in as a Founder. As a founder you get this entire program for $777 a month. That’s over $200 in savings a month! 

Your Investment Options:

Relaxed and working

Learn How To Master Making Money With Your Facebook Ads

I get it…

This is a monthly investment not only cost wise, but time wise… But I promise Ads can be be a simple, effective way to get in front of your ideal client NOW. That way you can take the guess work out of getting new hot leads, and making sales!

If you can commit to this program for 6 months – for about an hour a day… by the holiday season you will be FULLY ready to rock your holiday sales season using ads. Plus, you will already have been building your new leads list (we cover this in month 3!) 

My intention with this 6 month container is to give you ALL of the tools, support and resources you need to start running your own Facebook Ads confidently every. single. time. 

Take the guesswork out of it. Take the confusion out of it. You absolutely can be running successful ad campaigns in your business – and I am here to walk you through every step of the process.

When you join you get the following support

Don't just take it from me...


They are committed to seeing your business grow….

Nicole and her team are knowledgeable, professional, and personable. They supported me with Facebook ads and took care of all the things that made my head spin! I learned so much about ads by hiring them. They are committed to seeing your business grow.

– CHelsea Horton of Healing Embodied