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Paid advertising comes in many different forms. Conversion ads are not your only option for making money with Facebook ads.

Nothing makes us feel better than supporting local woman-owned businesses. Spokane Barre is one of my oldest clients, still near and dear to my heart.

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The Power of Lead Generation

From an Average Monthly income of $9,228 to $14,249.80 with paid advertising

I had been attending Barre classes for a bit and became very close to the staff and owner

Before we started working together we had lots of time to chat about the good and the hard of business ownership. During covid things were hard for brick and mortar business owners. 

Especially, fitness studios. When we were allowed to go back in person, we definitely saw a dip in in-person attendance, this is where DMS was able to come in and support them!

We started with a paid ad lead generation using Facebook and Instagram to support them and focused on their 2-week trial program as their lead generation as well as promotions that included free classes.

We started lead generation heading into slow season, but it actually was the most cost effective and result driven time of the year because Spokane Barre could actually see and feel the difference of new people joining during their season of less in studio clients.

It’s important to remember three key things when setting up a successful lead-generation campaign: Target the right audience. Have a scroll-stopping creative. Entice your people to take action with your copy.

With those key principles in mind…

I helped drive over 1000 new local leads to their business in just six months. That is the power of lead generation done right!


Diedrich Marketing Strategies is making a huge difference to my business …

Diedrich Marketing Strategies is making a huge difference to my business by helping us grow our customer base through FB ads.  They’ve been able to target the right audience for our business and we’re seeing a high rate of customers coming back to shop with us again.  Working with Nicole and her team is great!  Some of Nicole’s best characteristics are that she is open and honest.  She’s eager to have a good working relationship and really cares about her service and her client’s success.

– Corinne T.

The Woolly Thistle

Clients see success with DMS

Why DMS?

We are a boutique marketing agency, meaning we specialize in niched marketing strategies! We aren’t looking to get just anyone in your space, we want buyers who become life-long customers. We want help you to employ a marketing strategy that converts to increased sales after their first time purchase from an ad. As you know, ads can be a scary investment, but when you know those customers will come back, it makes ads an easy yes!

– Nicole Diedrich 

Nicole Diedrich of Diedrich Marketing Strategies

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