My name is Nicole Clements and as a 22-year-old blogger, I like to write about daily struggles and happiness. Life is too short to not be writing and sharing your experiences so here I am. I Graduated college in May 2017 and now how a real big girl job that I love.

I have been blogging now for almost 3 years and I have been working hard to speak the truth. We live in a world full of hardships and hate, but with my writing, I hope to reach your heart and make you feel a little less alone.

I hope my words can help heal old wounds as well as make you realize how much you have to live for. Make sure to check out my facebook page for more of my articles and daily life activities ❤

If you are ever in need of someone to talk to or are in need of something being written, please feel free to reach out to me. My writing is here to help you!