Master Making Money with your Marketing
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Nicole Diedrich on a call with a client.


I'm Nicole, the owner of diedrich marketing strategies!

Master Making Money with your Marketing has been a dream I’ve had to create since about 6 months into my business. I realized how much business owners desired money, but how many of them weren’t investing it into the spaces that helped them grow it easier (their marketing and marketing strategy). That’s how the name and podcast were born! 

It then took me another two and half years to launch it…

I really wanted to create a space that shared my growth and struggles but focused on how when we put marketing on the top of our list money comes a lot easier. The goal of the Master Making Money with your Marketing podcast is to help you scale easier and also know the options you have to creating a business you love!

Listen for yourself and let me know what you think!

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The Master Making Money with your Marketing is a FREE group dedicated to teaching about how FB Ads and the right organic marketing techniques can transform your business. If you’re a small business owner or woman entrepreneur, you want to be in this group! Not only will you learn proper skills for successful business growth, but you’ll learn how you can exponentially increase your revenue and business with our strategies! We can’t wait to support you!

Looking for more support?

Join the Lounge and enter into a self-guided marketing education space. Nicole will be there, and so will her business partner Jessica!

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