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We know that eCommerce marketing isn’t one size fits all. That’s why we created the Lounge Membership. A place where you can learn how to make the right decisions for YOUR SPECIFIC BUSINESS and the training to help you implement it.

Feel more confident and empowered knowing you have everything you need to build a business you love and hit all those big scary goals you’ve set for yourself.

This isn’t your average membership!

Advertising Support


So you're ready to begin

things to know before you start

Ad Management is Support

Ads are not meant to replace your organic marketing efforts. They are a scaling aid. You still need to do your part.

Marketing is Not Sales

Marketing strategy does not replace the selling you do in your business already, it just helps convert those on the fence.

Design is Collaborative

Even though we have a team of talented graphic designers, they cannot read your mind. We will still need to work together to make your vision a possibility.

One on One Consulting
3 month 1:1 Container
$5400 when paying in full

$ 2000/mo
  • Ready to skyrocket your Ads results, but already running them yourself? If you are ready to get a competitive edge by having an Ads specialist in your back pocket, this package is for you! Over three months together, we will meet bi-weekly to check your analytics, your systems, and strategize on how to get you. the best results with your Ads!

What this 1:1 container includes:

  • Bi-weekly hour long 1:1 sessions to support you with your ads
  • Voxer support for support between sessions
  • Support with creating customized strategies for your unique business
  • This is for the person who is ready to stay on track, and create huge impact with their ads!

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    Done - for - you
    ad management

    6 month contract

    $ 3,500 monthly
    • Ad management
      Ad Design Creation
      2 Monthly Strategy Calls
      Weekly + Monthly analytics updates
      Ad Data access 24 hours a day

    Done - for - you
    ad management

    6 month contract

    $ 2,500 monthly
    • Ad management
      1 Monthly Strategy Calls
      Weekly + Monthly analytics updates
      Ad Data access 24 hours a day

    The Ad Optimization BluePrint
    2 week intensive

    $ 2,000
    • This 2 week package is for anyone who is looking to optimize their ads, with hands on support from experts! Together we will identify your goals, and where your ads need upgrades! This is for the person who is looking for an easy, hands-free approach to upgrading their ads without having to commit to a full 6 months with an ad agency!

    What this program includes:

  • One 1:1 training call (30 minutes)
  • An in depth audit of your current ads.
  • We will help you set up 3 new target audience sets
  • You get access to the Facebook Ads course for FREE ($250 value)
  • Nicole is here to ensure you have everything set up properly so you can use these new systems over and over again!

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    We help with all social media channels and have worked with FB, IG, Tik Tok, LinkedIn, and Twitter

    We get this question a lot and my answer always is, when you’re ready to make a 90 day commitment to the investment. Ads are not over night successes. With new accounts it can take 90 – 180 days for our ad provider services to truly understand what we’re asking of it. So if you can’t commit to a minimum of 2k a month in ad spend + our fee’s it may be better to wait until that won’t make or break your business

    Sadly we can never promise an ROI, but we can promise that we will work to ensure everything we’re doing on our end is strategized around making your business money. The best part is, we’ve now helped over 50+ businesses scale and grow due to our marketing and advertising strategies. So if you’re worried about ROI I highly recommend checking out our Client Success tab!

    What is different about our agency is we don’t focus on vanity metrics we focus on sales, and the growth of tangible numbers like: email list, engagement, visitors to your site, and of course sales. We also have many different analytic reports that our clients have access to 24/7! 

    We get this one A LOT! So don’t feel bad if you’re thinking it! I currently have a team of 4 with 2 outside experts that partner with us on email marketing + Strategy as well as google house. Our team makes up some of the best leaders in the boutique marketing agency game, and we know we can bring you better results than the person you’d be able to afford at our rates. Not only will you be getting all of us for the price of 1 to 2 people but you get our experience of scaling multiple businesses to multi-millions without the hassle of training and taxes. When you invest in marketing you deserve the best, and if down the line you want to hire in house, you know you’ll have a team that can train them to be the best!

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