Advancing your business Marketing & Social Media Strategies to the next level with design, video, and eye-catching content

Are you looking to break out of your ordinary Marketing tendencies? Or maybe you’re ready to start this wonderful journey of Marketing your awesome products and services? Well, Diedrich Marketing Strategies is here to help! We have multiple different products that will encourage you to dip your toe in the awesome world of getting your brand out there with just the perfect amount of help.

Diedrich Marketing Strategy services

Social video advertisements

Social video advertisements are all about customizing you and your business needs! I can use stock footage and pictures, your product/service video and pictures, or for an up-charge, I will travel and gather pictures and video myself, of you and your products or services. We are very flexible of your needs. We want to make this a memorable and easy experience, where you want to come back and use our services again!

15 second video advertisement

30 second video advertisement

45 second video advertisement

1 minute video advertisement

1 minute 30 seconds video advertisement






Social Content Creation

Every business needs a Marketing and Social Media Presence. Without it you are leaving money and clients on the table. That’s what we’re here to help you do! With social content we will make you written material pertaining to your products and services. We’ll have a call to go over what you’re looking for and what topics you’d like us to write. Our goal is to become experts on your business and to guide and lead your marketing and social pieces in the right direction. Blog content not only helps your company reach more potential clients and customers, it helps set you up as an expert in your field. This effectively increases your reach of more people believing in your mission, services, and products.

Blog (300-500)

Blog (500-1000)

Blog (1000- and up)

30 second video & blog





Image creation

Image creation can bring in 12x more engagement on any social media post. Whether you’re talking about a product, service, community involvement project, we will make you the perfect image to share on all of your social networks.

Any one Image


Branding package

Branding is essential for any company to run smoothly and look cohesive to customers and clients. If you’re needing consistent branding on all of your products, that’s what this package will solve. All we will need is your logo, and mission statement. From there we will construct a social media image package, watermark for all content, letterhead, branded blank PowerPoint, branded invoices, receipts, and website branded content. Let us help you show everyone the professional company you are!

Company Branding Package


Monthly contract packages

Monthly contracts are perfect! Especially, if you know you’d like more than just one of each of our services! If you buy more than 1 package you’ll get a 15% discount.

5 Videos for the month – Any length

5 Blogs for the month – Any length

5 Images for the month




Ultimate Diedrich Marketing Strategies Package

The Ultimate Diedrich Marketing Strategies Package is all about getting your company off to the ultimate marketing start! If you’re ready to commit to helping your company grow and not miss out on potential sales, this is the product for you! This is about an 18% discount compared to buying our products individually.

5 videos, 5 images, branding package, and 5 blogs


Hourly Consulting/contracting

We will, on an hourly basis, assist you with your Marketing needs. If you’re looking for consulting to train team members or would like to order our products on an hourly bases, we’re here to help!

Hourly Consulting/Contracting

$65 an hour

Diedrich Marketing Strategies includes local taxes on all transactions. If you’re ready to jump start your companies marketing efforts please fill out our contact form below, explaining how we can benefit you! Or you can head to our SHOP tab if you’re ready to order packages! We’ll get back to you in under 24 hours to see how we can service you and your great company. We’re ready to support you in growing and marketing your company like rock stars!