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Advancing your business Marketing & Social Media Strategies to the next level with design, video, and eye-catching content

Are you looking to break out of your ordinary Marketing tendencies? Or maybe you’re ready to start this wonderful journey of Marketing your awesome products and services? Well, Diedrich Marketing Strategies is here to help! We have multiple different products that will encourage you to dip your toe in the awesome world of getting your brand out there with just the perfect amount of help.

Diedrich Marketing Strategies services

Weekly & Monthly Social Media Management PKGs

We have 3 weekly and 3 monthly social content creation and management packages perfect for the businesses who are stressing about what to post, how to stay consistent, and where to get ideas. Let us take that burden off of you! We offer Silver, Gold, and Platinum weekly & monthly packages that allows for every kind of content to be created for you! If you’re wanting to jump on these packages click the button below, they won’t last long, we fill up quick!

Facebook advertising

Needing some help with facebook ads? Our skills within content and understanding your target market will help you finally see the ROI you’ve been looking for! Partner with us today to see your Marketing budget receive the sales you’ve been hoping for.

Social video advertisements

Social video advertisements are all about customizing you and your business needs! I can use stock footage and pictures, your product/service video and pictures, or for an up-charge, I will travel and gather pictures and video myself, of you and your products or services. We are very flexible of your needs. We want to make this a memorable and easy experience, where you want to come back and use our services again!

Social Content Creation

Every business needs a Marketing and Social Media Presence. Without it you are leaving money and clients on the table. That’s what we’re here to help you do! With social content we will make you written material pertaining to your products and services. We’ll have a call to go over what you’re looking for and what topics you’d like us to write. Our goal is to become experts on your business and to guide and lead your marketing and social pieces in the right direction. Blog content not only helps your company reach more potential clients and customers, it helps set you up as an expert in your field. This effectively increases your reach of more people believing in your mission, services, and products.

Image creation

Image creation can bring in 12x more engagement on any social media post. Whether you’re talking about a product, service, community involvement project, we will make you the perfect image to share on all of your social networks.

Hourly Consulting/contracting

We will, on an hourly basis, assist you with your Marketing needs. If you’re looking for consulting to train team members or would like to order our products on an hourly bases, we’re here to help!

If you’re ready to jump start your companies marketing efforts please fill out our contact form below, explaining how we can benefit you! Or you can head to our SHOP tab if you’re ready to order packages! We’ll get back to you in under 24 hours to see how we can service you and your great company. We’re ready to support you in growing and marketing your company like rock stars!

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DMS Client Testimonials

Here at Diedrich Marketing Strategies we pride ourselves in bringing our clients the best customer service and marketing assistance we possibly can! Without them we wouldn’t be where we are today and we thank each and everyone of them! If you’re looking for an Agency that will partner with you we’d love to be the one you count on!

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Meet The Diedrich Marketing Strategies Team!

Meet the team behind Diedrich Marketing Strategies! Without each of these individuals we would not be where we are today!

Nicole Diedrich

Founder + Director of Marketing

Director of Marketing

Hi everyone! I’m Nicole Diedrich the Founder and Director of Marketing here at DMS. With 5+ years of multimedia and digital marketing experience I thrive off helping other small businesses gain the visibility and growth they deserve. I graduated with my BA in Broadcast News and Production with an Emphasis in Advertising (pretty much a major but that’s a debate for another conversation!) and a minor in Spanish. I have worked at News Stations specializing in marketing and commercial promotion, as well as a Staffing and Recruiting firm as their MultiMedia Marketing Manager before I became a business owner.

Here at Diedrich Marketing Strategies I specialize in social media growth and visibility. Currently this is one of the cheapest forms of marketing and usually is the least active portion of marketing for small business owners. When I saw the need for online marketing help I wanted to create a business that catered to that need but with multiple options. One of the biggest mistakes we make as business owners is only investing in one form of marketing.

So with DMS we offer social media management, video creation, website design, Facebook ad management, and email campaign creation. It may seem like a lot, but it allows us to customize to our clients needs and give them all the options. This way they can have a strong social media presence and only needing to hire one company!

DMS is a partner to our small business owner clients, and I look forward to the many more companies we get to help as we continue to grow and climb the ladder in the Marketing world!

Dylan Diedrich

Co-founder + cfo

CFO for Diedrich Marketing Strategies

My wonderful husband, Dylan is the idea master of DMS! When I was stuck between a rock and a hard place, he gave me the idea to start this company and continues to be my partner in crime with everything we accomplish here at Diedrich Marketing Strategies.

Dylan is a Financial Advisor with NYL, as well as being the Co-Founder and Financial wizard here at DMS. He specializes in helping small businesses, which makes him the perfect partner as we grow within our business!

Dylan’s help and support has been crucial to our success! My appreciation of his dedication to helping me see this business succeed, reminds me every day how lucky I am to have him a part of my team forever!

If you’re a small business in need of an advisor who can help with benefits, 401k’s, retirement planning, and insurance, please feel free to reach out to him!

Kayle Larkin

Seo expert

SEO Expert for Diedrich Marketing Strategies

Kayle is our amazing SEO expert! She is well known for her international skills but does amazing for our local and virtual clients.

International Marketing Consultant since you had to be invited to GMail. 

1 of 10 moderators for the World’s Largest SEO Facebook Group (53,000+ members)

Jen Roberts

Marketing intern

Marketing Intern

Hi everyone! My name is Jennifer Roberts, but most people call me Jen. My goal in life is to be able to live out my passions while helping others reach their goals! I’m so blessed to have found digital marketing as a career, but also as something that encompasses my hobbies as well. I have a passion for photography and writing and am able to apply my skills to create eye-catching content for our clients. I love working with people and being able to learn about small businesses and provide support with their Marketing endeavors.

I am currently an Intern for Diedrich Marketing Strategies, and am pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration in Marketing and Finance from Eastern Washington University. I have about four years of experience in the real estate business in multiple different areas. After graduating from high school and Running Start with my AA degree, I went on to pursue my Broker’s license. At age 18, I signed with my first brokerage and became a Realtor. I have also worked in the Processing, Receptionist, and Broker Services fields as well as assisted in Marketing efforts to help run our brokerage in Kendall Yards.

I’m so excited to be able to expand my Marketing knowledge and expertise with a company like DMS. Working with an agency that genuinely cares about their clients and diligently works to help small businesses exceed their potential is a dream come true. We hope to reflect a wonderful representation for you and your small business.

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Marketing Blogs

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What is organic marketing? The definition of organic marketing refers to the act of getting your customers to come to you naturally over time, rather than ‘artificially’ via paid links or boosted posts. Your consistent marketing efforts are made to improve outside interaction and engagement with your content. And by doing this it’s giving you … Continue reading Why Organic Marketing Is Important For Your Business

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