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Marketing is continuing to be the most sought-after support needed in small businesses. With a focus on Social Media Marketing and Paid Advertising, we are a team that KNOWS how to get you to the next level in your business. Ready to INVEST in a team that becomes a part of yours? Reach out to us today!

Diedrich Marketing Strategies services

Monthly Social Media Management PKGs

We have 3 monthly social media marketing management packages perfect for businesses who are stressing about what to post, how to stay consistent, and where to get ideas. Let us take that burden off of you! We offer Silver, Gold, and Platinum monthly packages that allow for every kind of content to be created for you! If you’re wanting to jump on these packages click the button below, we fill up quickly every month! (P.s. it may be your brand, but it is possible for us to sound just like you! We work very hard with our clients to make sure their content always seems like it’s coming from them.)

Facebook advertising/ 1:1 Coaching

Needing some help with Facebook ads? Our skills with content and understanding your target market will help you finally see the ROI you’ve been looking for! Partner with us today to see the sales you’ve been hoping for.

Website redesign

Wanting a fresh look on your WordPress or Shopify website? We can help you with that! With our knowledge of consumer tendencies, we know what’s going to work to get them to stay on your site, find what they need, and buy!


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DMS Client Testimonials

Here at Diedrich Marketing Strategies we pride ourselves in bringing our clients the best customer service and marketing assistance we possibly can! Without them we wouldn’t be where we are today and we thank each and everyone of them! If you’re looking for an Agency that will partner with you we’d love to be the one you count on!

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Meet The Diedrich Marketing Strategies Team!

Meet the team behind Diedrich Marketing Strategies LLC! Without each of these individuals, we would not be where we are today!

Nicole Diedrich

Founder + Director of Marketing

Hi everyone! I’m Nicole Diedrich, the Founder and Director of Marketing here at DMS. With 5+ years of multimedia and digital marketing experience, I thrive on helping other small businesses gain the visibility and growth they deserve.

I graduated with my BA in Broadcast News and Production with an Emphasis in Advertising (pretty much a major, but that’s a debate for another conversation!) and a minor in Spanish.

I have worked at News Stations specializing in marketing and commercial promotion and a Staffing and Recruiting firm as their MultiMedia Marketing Manager before I became a business owner.

Here at Diedrich Marketing Strategies, I specialize in social media growth and visibility. Currently, this is one of the cheapest forms of marketing and usually is the least active portion of marketing for small business owners.

When I saw the need for online marketing help, I wanted to create a business that catered to that need but had multiple options. One of the biggest mistakes we make as business owners is only investing in one form of marketing.

So with DMS, we offer social media management, video creation, website design, Facebook ad management, and email campaign creation. It may seem like a lot, but it allows us to customize to our client’s needs and give them all the options. This way, they can have a strong social media presence and only needing to hire one company!

DMS is a partner to our small business owner clients, and I look forward to the many more companies we get to help as we continue to grow and climb the ladder in the Marketing world!

Dylan Diedrich

Co-founder + cfo

CFO for Diedrich Marketing Strategies

My wonderful husband, Dylan is the idea master of DMS! When I was stuck between a rock and a hard place, he gave me the idea to start this company and continues to be my partner in crime with everything we accomplish here at Diedrich Marketing Strategies.

Dylan’s help and support have been crucial to our success! My appreciation of his dedication to helping me see this business succeed reminds me every day how lucky I am to have him a part of my team forever!

Sapphire Geer

Office Manager

Hi Everyone, My name is Sapphire Geer.

I am the Office Manager here at DMS and I’m delighted to be part of the team that will be supporting and helping you grow your business. 

I have a diverse range of skills and experiences in multiple fields. From construction and labor to financial, administrative, and managerial positions. All in the name of wanting to learn it all and know what it is like to be in those positions.

I have even successfully owned my own business. All of these skills, have allowed me to know and understand what you are going through as a business owner. They also allow me the skills to best support DMS in helping your business get the visibility and marketing support it deserves. 

Why did I choose DMS? Because their values and desire to help others in growth and creating a legacy, align with my own. It is my passion to help small and large businesses alike thrive. It means the economy is good, it means jobs for others, and a life created by one’s own design. 

We are so excited to have Sapphire on our team and see our ability to serve and help our clients continue to grow!

Carolyn Gimarelli

AD Marketing Specialist

DMS Employee
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Hey, Y’all! I’m Carolyn Gimarelli and I went to University at Southwest Baptist and Full Sail to get my bachelor’s in Graphic Design and Communication.

I’ve been working professionally in my field since I was in middle school and was commissioned to create a brochure for the graduating class. I fell in love with design and ever since I’ve made it a goal to express everything that life has to offer through my art. 

After college, I worked with various high-end clients like Kid Rock, Victoria’s Secret, and Black Cat Fireworks creating visually engaging printed promotional materials and digital social media designs; as well as taking the time to freelance my own whimsical posters and t-shirt designs. 

In my spare time, I enjoy stock trading, analyzing business patterns, and personality typing and intend to use these decade-old hobbies to bring a whole new perspective to social media marketing. It’s my goal to be in your customer’s head figuring out the perfect strategies to drive engagement, clicks, and sales.  

Beyond my hobbies, education, and skillset lies a passion for helping others, watching and assisting them grow and bloom into the very best that they can be; it is the most joyous and fulfilling phenomenon to witness y’all living your best lives.  DMS’s values match my own & I’m excited to be a part of a team that truly cares about your success! Ad Astra, to the stars. 

Anna Sharps

Hello, I’m Anna Sharpes

I graduated from Eastern Washington University with a Bachelor of Design degree, and now work as a Digital Marketing Specialist here at DMS!

With my love and experience for design and marketing, I use them both to bring businesses more followers, engagement, and possible leads and sales to help with their growth.

I love working for DMS because I get to help others achieve their dreams and goals. Every day feels like an opportunity to learn something new and expand my knowledge.

We are excited to have Anna as part of our team, bringing with her, enthusiasm and skills that will help elevate all DMS clients.

cody clements

marketing intern

Hi! My name is Cody Clements and I attend Eastern Washington University. I’m a third-year student getting my degree in English; I’ll be continuing my schooling until I gain a master’s in teaching as well. I am a redshirt sophomore on Eastern’s football team.

I’m an avid photographer and believe my creative eye allows me to excel in this activity. Some future goals for me post-graduate are to become a high school English teacher as well as a high school football coach to give young kids a better adult influence than I had from some of my teachers and coaches.

Why did a future English teacher get an internship at a Marketing company? Well, this is because I wanted to expand my writing ability from more than just a school setting. Creating the best ways to write that influences people towards a product or client.

This internship also gave me the ability to use my photography knowledge and skills for more than just my own enjoyment, and that’s to help clients get quality photos of them and their products that then brings extra value to them.

I look forward to gaining this experience and to help Nicole and her clients continue to excel.

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Marketing Blogs

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