About DMS

Welcome to Diedrich Marketing Strategies! My name is Nicole Diedrich and my husband and I own this wonderful business of ours. He is the backend help I never knew I needed, with all things numbers and helping support our clients in a way that allows me to give you my full attention!

Since starting the business in 2019 we have exploded in being able to help our clients bring in millions from sales due to FB Ads, Social Media Marketing support, and website revamps. I pride myself in knowing the ins and outs of not only what attracts people to your business, but also what makes them buy! You know, the important stuff.

I could sit here all day and explain how my team and I can support you, and how we have supported our past and current clients… But I know you’re on a deadline, and while I’m typing this my husband is calling me for dinner, so I’ll get down to business.

If you’re a business owner looking for a FULL Marketing Department that doesn’t cost you a FULL Marketing Department. We are your perfect fit.

If you’re a woman-owned business owner looking for a teammate who understands the struggle, but also knows how to support you, unlike any others. We are your perfect fit.

If you’re ready to explode your FB Ads and finally see the sales/leads you’ve been working towards on auto pilot (because we do all the work!) We are your perfect fit.

Now, more than ever, your business deserves to be visible and selling, and we can help you do that! Schedule your free consultation call with us today and let’s see how we can help make your revenue goals a reality with the right marketing strategy!