FB Ads Ecommerce Mastery Course

Do you want to learn how I have helped my clients make MILLIONS of dollars through Fb Ad Sales? So that you can put those techniques towards your business's ads as well? Then this course is for you!

I go through how I have optimized FB Ads to make each and every one of my Ad clients successful through FB Ad Sales. I go step-by-step through what you'll need to do in my multiple video trainings!


  • What not to do with FB ads
  • How to set up your Ads manager and business settings
  • How to set up your FB pixel and events
  • Learn what a campaign, Ad set, and ad are
  • How to create campaigns, Ad sets, and ads
  • The different ads you can create
  • How to dive deep into targeting and hit your target market so they BUY
  • What important things you need to have to create a successful ad
  • Learn different ad types and what they need. Videos, carousel, landing page
  • Have the ability to join my FB Ad Membership program for just $97 a month

And much more! Ready to own FB ads and allow them to help grow your business? Sign up now!

Module 1 FB Ads - Backend Set Up
Unit 1 Training 1: FB Ads - Backend Set Up
Module 2 Tracking and UTMs
Unit 1 Training 2: How to Add UTM Parameters in FB
Unit 2 Training 2 Review
Module 3 Creating FB Ad Audiences
Unit 1 Training 3: FB Audience Creation
Unit 2 Training 3 Review
Module 4 FB Ad Copy + Creative
Unit 1 Training 4: FB Ad Copy + Creative
Module 5 Ad Types: Lead Generation, Cold, and Warm
Unit 1 Training 5: Ad Types
Unit 2 Training 5 Review
Module 6 FB Ad Catalogs
Unit 1 BONUS Training - How to set up your Catalog properly!
Module 7 How to know when to Tweak your Ads
Unit 1 How to Know When to Tweak your Ads
Module 8 BONUS - Tools and Discounts
Unit 1 Tools + Review Sheet
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