Introducing: The "My Best Kept Ads Secrets" Live Experience.

It is Time to Unlock the Power of Paid Advertising and Skyrocket Your Results!

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Are you an e-commerce or service provider who wants to take control of your ads, traffic and income? Do you find yourself feeling nervous, intimidated, or confused at the thought of running ads yourself? 

I’ve got you covered!

Join us for a brand new experience, “My Best Kept Ads Secrets,” where I will be sharing all of the knowledge and expertise to create incredible results through your own ads. 

YES – you CAN do this yourself. 

Join us on Monday, June 5th, 11 am PDT // 2 pm ET.

We start in….


What you can expect during the 2 hour "My Best Kept Ads Secrets" experience…

Unleash Your Potential: Learn from an Expert

Gain exclusive access to insider knowledge and proven techniques straight from a seasoned professional. I have been there – done that, and after supporting our clients in creating over 6 million dollars in revenue from Ads since starting our agency, I have learned a thing or two. I am here to share the most effective strategies to maximize your ads so you start seeing the results you want with the confidence and clarity to create consistent results.

No Holds Barred: Nothing is Off-Limits

I believe in full transparency and authenticity. In this workshop, I am pulling back the curtain and revealing some of our best-kept secrets, including the techniques that have produced incredible results for our clients. No topic is too taboo, and we’ll cover it all – from ad creation, and targeting to optimization and budgeting. We will be talking about the bad wrap ads get, and why ads can be one of the most powerful things you can add to your marketing toolbox.

Interactive Experience: Open Q+A and Live Answers

I totally understand that you may have burning questions and specific challenges that you want addressed. That’s why I have included an open Q+A session during the live 2 hour experience.

Tailored Support: Submit Your Questions in Advance

Worried about not getting your questions answered during the workshop? Don’t be! I encourage you to submit your questions in advance, and I will ensure that they are addressed during the live session. I am here to help you every step of the way!